Bespoke Jet Bot AI+: The Smart Choice for Floor Cleaning and Pet Monitoring, Even When You’re Away From Home

on July 6, 2021
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There aren’t that many people who would say that floor cleaning is a beloved hobby of theirs – in fact, given half the chance, most people would instead opt for floors that clean themselves.


Until such a thing exists, the next best solution is an AI-powered robot vacuum that knows when, where and how to get the job done. Enter Samsung Electronics’ Bespoke Jet Bot AI+, a sleek and smart robot vacuum that can be programmed to clean while you are doing other things, including running errands outside the home.


What’s more, Bespoke Jet Bot AI+ can also help you monitor your pets while out and about, making it the perfect device for those leading busy lifestyles juggling work, exercise and more. If cleaning your floors is constantly ending up a low priority on your to-do list, Bespoke Jet Bot AI+ has it covered for you.




Intelligent Navigation for Smarter Floor Cleaning

Users can trust Bespoke Jet Bot AI+ because it is equipped with industry-leading object detection and recognition technologies that not only make floor cleaning more intelligent and convenient, but also more personalized and even pet-friendly.


Bespoke Jet Bot AI+ can identify and classify the objects it encounters on the floor by mapping out their location. This allows it to clean closely around your furniture, home appliances1 and items such as lamps or plants so that you don’t have to move them before starting a cleaning cycle. Furthermore, Bespoke Jet Bot AI+ can gauge if an item is fragile or delicate, like a porcelain vase,2 and maintain a safe distance from it. It can also classify if an object is dangerous, like electrical cables, and avoid them accordingly.



Bespoke Jet Bot AI+ is the world’s first robot vacuum to be powered by an Intel AI solution and equipped with an active stereo-type 3D sensor. This enables it to think and make decisions on its own and gauge the layout of your living space in order to drive more efficiently throughout your home and navigate around objects—including your pets—with no need for manual supervision.


Bespoke Jet Bot AI+ also features a LiDAR sensor much like those in self-driving vehicles to accurately track its location and optimize its cleaning path to cover more of your home so that it can pick up dirt, dust and dander in nooks that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.


Additionally, pet owners can rest easy as the Bespoke Jet Bot AI+ can recognize pet excrement and will simply maneuver right around it to prevent any unwanted spreading or secondary contamination.



Personalized Cleaning at Your Fingertips

Thanks to SmartThings integration, Bespoke Jet Bot AI+ can help you with your chores even when you’re not at home. For a seamless and connected experience, the Bespoke Jet Bot AI+ can be synced to your smartphone via Wi-Fi using the SmartThings app.3



The Select & Go feature allows users to easily schedule their Bespoke Jet Bot AI+ to clean remotely, and can even program it to clean specific rooms. SmartThings also lets you define virtual No-Go Zones to prevent the device from entering certain areas of your home, meaning that you don’t have to worry about your Bespoke Jet Bot AI+ falling down stairs or getting tangled in a carpet while you’re out and about.



An Extra Set of Eyes to Check In With Your Pets

When away from home, many pet parents know the feeling well of wondering what their pets are up to without them. With Bespoke Jet Bot AI+, you can check in on your pets at any time and from anywhere. The Jet Live Home Monitoring function streams a live feed from Bespoke Jet Bot AI+’s front camera via the SmartThings app and can automatically monitor the status of rooms you want to check or simply show you what your pet is doing using the Bespoke Jet Bot AI+’s patrol mode. For further peace of mind, the video clips are securely encrypted and can only be viewed by an authorized user.



It is also natural for pet owners to seek ways to better interact and care for their pets from a distance, which is why Samsung developed their SmartThings Pet service. Not only does this pet care service include the Bespoke Jet Bot AI+ in its ecosystem of pet care devices, but it also makes daily routines more simple and convenient by syncing with products from PETKIT.4 


For example, the PETKIT COZY smart pet house comes with its own set of sensors to adjust temperatures and track your pet’s resting patterns while offering a sense of security, while PETKIT’s Element feeder series lets you feed your pet scheduled meals (or a little treat)—all managed remotely via the SmartThings app. After all, all an owner really wants is to ensure that their beloved pets are happy and healthy.




* The new product names go into effect on July 5, 2021. This is a change to the product name only. Jet Bot AI+ will become Bespoke Jet Bot AI+.


Example Items include air conditioner (stand type), refrigerator, TV, washing machine/dryer, air purifier, AirDresser, sofa, bed, bookshelf, table, Bespoke (refrigerator, dishwasher), excrement, electrical cable, towel/sock, cup, glass cup, bottles, bowl, vase.

Object recognition may be affected by an object’s shape or environmental conditions.

Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required.

SmartThings Pet syncs with the Element feeder series and the COZY smart pet house from PETKIT, a tech company dedicated to bringing smart pet products to market.

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