[Better with Bespoke] ④ [Interview] Chore No More – How Samsung’s Smart Laundry Pair is Revolutionizing Laundry Care

on January 13, 2021
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Samsung’s CES 2021 lineup showcases exciting ways that its new devices make users’ lives better. The company designed its latest home appliances with a focus on ‘Bespoke’ personalization – creating appliances that are customized for each user the way a bespoke suit is precisely tailored for each wearer. Optimized to fit a variety of lifestyles, Samsung’s newest innovations set a new standard for home appliances.


Families today are doing more laundry than ever before, and Samsung is introducing new innovations to make this age-old chore easier and more intuitive. With Samsung’s WF8800A Front Load Washer and DV8800A Front Load Clothes Dryer (the smart laundry pair), doing your laundry becomes a breeze, giving you more time to commit to the activities and people you care about most.


Samsung Newsroom sat down with Hyunju Lee and Taihyuk Jang of Samsung Digital Appliances’ Living Product Planning Group to find out just how Samsung’s new laundry appliances, including CES 2021 Innovation Award Honoree WF8800A washer, is overhauling the experience of doing laundry and changing users’ lives for the better.


Taihyuk Jang and Hyunju Lee of Digital Appliances’ Living Product Planning Group



A More Intelligent Way to Wash

Q. In what ways is Samsung’s smart laundry pair changing the experience of doing laundry?


When we were developing the smart washer and dryer, the focus was on how we could make them smarter in a way that would be truly beneficial to the user. The new smart washer’s OptiWash cycle, for instance, determines how much water, detergent and softener you need for each load and dispenses it automatically. The machine senses the load’s weight, as well as how dirty the laundry is with special turbidity sensors, and decides on the most efficient way to wash it.


Meanwhile, Samsung’s smart dryer utilizes heat and humidity sensors to optimize its drying cycles, letting you spend less time toggling through settings. You can just toss in the laundry and let the machine figure out the rest. The washer and dryer are also connected to each other, allowing the best drying cycle for your load to be automatically determined based on the specifics of your washer load.



The intelligent laundry pair also offers a broad selection of cycles, with 25 wash cycles and 19 drying cycles that users can modify, delete and save using the My Cycle feature. Add to that the Smart Dial feature, which learns which settings you prefer for your washing and drying, and moves those settings to the top of your cycle list.


Let’s say you wash your workout clothes every Monday using the “Activewear” cycle. After an initial period of routine use, your Samsung laundry pair will learn this habit and automatically display the “Activewear” cycle on Mondays. The more you use your Samsung laundry pair, the more it will be able to help you minimize the work that goes into doing your laundry.




Innovative Function and Control

Q. What features make Samsung’s smart washer and dryer easier to use?


The WF8800A laundry pair includes a function called Multi-Control, which allows you to control your smart washer and dryer from a single control panel. Your dryer’s settings are also automatically matched with those from your wash cycle as long as your washer and dryer are connected via cable or through the Auto Cycle Link feature in the SmartThings app. The SmartThings app also allows users to manage their cycles and laundry settings remotely. With the new smart laundry pair, we additionally paid special attention to accessibility. For those who require it, the new smart washer and dryer feature dials with audio assistance technology that provides easy-to-understand feedback sounds that correspond to different options within cycles.


Q. What distinguishes the appearance of Samsung’s smart laundry pair?


Both Samsung’s smart washer and dryer come in a sleek black design that is accented by silver controls, making the appliances a complement to any home environment. The products also feature elegant control panels that make the washer and dryer easier to use by displaying words instead of symbols, removing the need for the user to consult a manual if an error ever occurs.


Q. How is Samsung’s new laundry pair caring for the environment?


Both the smart washer and smart dryer are made almost entirely out of recyclable parts, meaning that they can be taken apart and disposed of when needed without having to worry about adverse environmental impact. Using the intelligent OptiWash function, which optimizes wash settings for each load, users can rest easy knowing they’re using just the right amount of water and detergent. The pair are also both compatible with the HomeCare Wizard, which, in addition to providing information on schedules and delivering error reports, allows users to monitor their energy usage over time.


Samsung’s new laundry pair delivers intelligent capabilities to learn about users’ habits and preferences and harnesses cutting-edge technology to bring real change to a traditional household chore. Making the washer and dryer a collaborative pair and delivering a sleek, modern design to set off the aesthetics of your home, Samsung’s smart laundry pair is the future of laundry care.

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