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Russia on March 24, 2017
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The opening ceremony of the Beyond the Horizon project and a photo exhibition of a young photographer, Alexander Zhuravlev, took place in the White Hall of the Lumiere Brothers Center of Photography.


Beyond the Horizon is a joint initiative of Samsung Mobile, White Cane non-profit organization and Shazam. Creators of the project set a task for themselves to use the inspiring story of Alexander Zhuravlev, a photographer who lost almost all of his sight, to show people what they can achieve, assist with realizing their creative potential and getting the most out of their lives, as well as give a vivid and grounded proof that many obstacles that seem overwhelming are merely a challenge one should counter.


Alexander Zhuravlev lost almost all of his sight when he was 11 years old. Despite all the difficulties, he was able “to see beyond the horizon” of his capabilities and become a photographer, bringing to life his childhood dream. For that, he needed just a smartphone, using which he was able to make impressive landscape photos based just on his senses and hearing. Alexander used the Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone in his photo shooting activities.


During the presentation of the Beyond the Horizon project guests of the event were able to see the world through Alexander’s eyes using a special app for Samsung’s Gear VR. For every spot where Alexander made photos – on Sugomak and Kyshtym lakes, on the surrounding peaks and in abandoned mines – panoramas were shot using Samsung’s Gear 360 camera. Afterwards the panoramas were specifically processed to reflect how Alexander saw these places when he was there.


“We at Samsung do not create just technologies, our innovative solutions actually help change people’s lives, make them easier and better,” said Seif El Hakim, Samsung Mobile Marketing Director in Russia. “Alexander’s talented works call for us to look at the world surrounding us more closely, appreciate its beauty and immensity and look beyond our own ‘horizon.’ This project is an example of a synergy of ordinary life and hi-tech technologies. It inspires us! It was a great pleasure to support it.”


“The most difficult thing in this world is to see your own possibilities. You already have all of them. They surround you everywhere. Those who at least see the horizon can step beyond it,” commented Alexander Zhuravlev.


The presentation program also included a demonstration of a short documentary about Alexander and his travels in Russia directed by Ivan Sosnin (Red Apple 2017 grand prix winner for his Piter by Bushe Bakery movie).


“This project has become the biggest and the most important one in my career. It got possible due to support from Samsung and Cheil agency. It is not just a movie, but a performance, and not about a disability, but rather about every one of us. Those who watch the movie and live through it will certainly learn something important for them. A large team of ambitious and result-oriented people worked on this project and I can proudly say that these efforts were made for a good reason,” noted Ivan Sosnin, director of the Beyond the Horizon documentary.


A number of other activities are also taking place within the project. Alexander’s pictures are demonstrated on the screen of the world’s largest smartphone placed on the Hydroproject building in Moscow. Using Shazam, everybody can visit the promo page to get all the information about the project. On the page there is also a special platform where Alexander Zhuravlev’s photos can be purchased. The project has been carried out in cooperation with the portal.


Alexander Zhuravlev’s exhibition will be open from March 24 to April 9 at the Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography.


About the Beyond the Horizon project

Beyond the Horizon is a joint initiative of Samsung, White Cane non-profit organization and Shazam. This social project is aimed at drawing attention to the inclusion process of people with disabilities and realizing the creative potential of every person so that they can get the most out of their lives.

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