Bottneuro Uses Samsung Technology To Provide Bottneuro’s Digital Diagnostic Solutions for the Diagnosis and Treatment Against Alzheimer’s Disease

on March 12, 2023
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With medical technology continuing to evolve and offer the latest solutions and treatment to patients, Samsung Electronics Switzerland has been aiding the advancement by developing its products.


Samsung collaborated with Bottneuro AG, a Swiss MedTech startup dedicated to improving the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and to bring an innovative and enhanced diagnostic and treatment solution to patients. Bottneuro AG has chosen Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G Enterprise Edition hardware to store and record therapy data in the Bottneuro Solution.



Powerful Therapy Through Innovative Technologies

Bottneuro AG’s technology identifies areas of the brain affected by the disease through 3D magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and positron emission tomography (PET) imaging data. Once identified, these regions can be targeted and electronically stimulated with Miamind® neurostimulator technology. The Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G Enterprise Edition simplify handling the Bottneuro solution via a graphical interface.


Patients who suffer from dementia often experience reduced cognitive function in the early stages of the disease, making the need for finding a device that is easy to operate and understand imperative for Bottneuro AG. With its intuitive interface and usability, the Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G Enterprise Edition provided the optimal hardware for the Bottneuro solution.


“We were looking for a simple and reliable solution for our application. We found it with the Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G Enterprise Edition and Samsung is giving us great support in the development,” said Julius Klaas, CTO of Bottneuro AG.



Seamless Solutions in a Single Galaxy Tablet

The Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G Enterprise Edition offers a plethora of features and capabilities. It comes with a high-resolution Super AMOLED display providing brilliant clarity for both patients and healthcare providers and offers reliable long-lasting battery life.


The Miamind® neurostimulator is also directly powered by the Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G Enterprise Edition, and once treatment is complete, the Galaxy Tab S8+ automatically transmits diagnostic and treatment information contained within the Bottneuro solution to Bottneuro AG via 5G data connectivity, allowing patients to stay in the comfort of their home. Additionally, the Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G Enterprise Edition can be individually configured through Samsung Knox, keeping sensitive data and medical records private and protected.



Partnerships for the Future

Groundbreaking innovations such as these would not be possible without partnerships, and Samsung is proud to have been supporting and working with Bottneuro AG since its founding in 2021.


“We are pleased to offer Bottneuro AG a reliable, safe and simple solution with Samsung Knox and to support their novel therapy approach,” added Daniele Casella, Head of MX B2B Mobile at Samsung Switzerland.


The effectiveness of Bottneuro AG’s new therapeutic treatment will be tested in several clinical studies this year. While the treatment is not commercially available yet, Bottneuro AG and Samsung remain optimistic about progress that can be made to treat Alzheimer’s disease.


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