Celebrating Girls’ Day to Encourage More Girls to Explore Tech Careers

on May 17, 2018
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What We Did

Samsung Electronics Germany took part in Girls’ Day by organizing experience zones that featured activities designed to nurture young women’s digital skills and introduce them to career opportunities in information technology.




Organized annually since 2001 in Germany, Girls’ Day is a nationwide activity supported by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Hundreds of companies and organizations take part, offering young women insights in career opportunities in the field of tech, science and IT.



Why It Matters

Encouraging more girls to explore opportunities in tech will lead to an enriching influx of talented women into the IT sector. Their insights will ultimately yield innovations that have the power to change the way we experience the world.



Each year, on the last Thursday in April, Germany celebrates Girls’ Day – a day dedicated to nurturing young women’s curiosity by encouraging them to explore opportunities in science and technology. This year, to celebrate the special day, Samsung Electronics Germany invited approximately 80 bright young women to take part in exciting activities held at locations across the country: at SEG’s headquarters in Schwalbach, at the recently opened Samsung Showcase in Frankfurt, and at the company’s Customer Service Plazas in Berlin, Hamburg and Stuttgart.


A joint effort of Samsung’s Citizenship and Service divisions, the Girls’ Day events offered students a chance to get hands-on with Samsung devices and digital technologies with the help of Samsung employees, who illuminated how the various innovations work.


A coding workshop at the Samsung Showcase venue demonstrates just how fun coding can be.



Unlocking Potential

Girls’ Day was created to tackle the pressing issue of women’s underrepresentation in the IT sector. Samsung Electronics Germany’s exciting workshops introduced students to various forms of IT-related work and invited them to learn more about fascinating careers that may not have been on their radar.


At Samsung Electronics Germany’s Customer Service Plazas, 11- to 16-year-old participants were treated to a fun and insightful training activity that offered them a closer look at how Samsung devices work. With instructors at their side, the young women disassembled Samsung Smart TVs, learned how the intricate components housed within interact with one another, and carefully reassembled them.


In Berlin, participants were shown how to take apart and reassemble a TV.


In Schwalbach, participants received a guided tour of the Samsung House, which also featured an enlightening overview of the wide range of careers that they could one day pursue at SEG. Students also received insights into content and video production for the Samsung Service website and took part in a lively demonstration of the rigorous tests that smartphones undergo before going on sale.


The Schwalbach experience zone also featured a special guest: YouTube star Jodie Calussi. In addition to participating in the program herself, Calussi interviewed the girls and filmed it all to share with her more than 440,000 subscribers.



Nurturing Digital Skills

Because teaching coding is a great way to nurture students’ digital skills, the brand-new Samsung Showcase venue in Frankfurt served as host to an exciting coding workshop. Conducted by experienced instructor Tobias Hübner, the beginner’s course served as a demonstration of just how easy (and fun) coding can be.


During the workshop, students were shown how to create their own computer game by programming a joystick connected to a PC and monitor.


After learning the basics of the Scratch programming language, the girls were shown how to create a computer game by programming a joystick connected to a PC and monitor. The activity was a hit with the students as well as Calussi, who hurried over to join in on the fun after finishing her session in Schwalbach.



Expanding Perceptions

SEG’s participation in the Girls’ Day initiative underlines its commitment to nurturing students’ digital skills. Encouraging more students to experience advanced technologies will lead more bright young minds to consider careers in IT – which will ultimately yield more powerful innovations.


“[Our Girls’ Day events] are intended to show that tech professions are not only for boys”, said Steffen Ganders, Director of Corporate Affairs, Samsung Electronics Germany. “Digital technologies fascinate us and enrich our lives, and it’s essential that we foster understanding of the mechanisms behind them.”


Video from last year’s Samsung Girls’ Day events (2017)



Additional images:

In Frankfurt, Girls’ Day participants were treated to an exclusive tour of the new Samsung Showcase venue.


At SEG’s headquarters in Schwalbach, an employee drops a Samsung smartphone into a tub of water as part of an energetic lesson on waterproofing.

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