Cutting-Edge Cuisine: Samsung and Michelin Star Restaurant Offer S9-Inspired Sensory Feast

on June 26, 2018
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Samsung Electronics Taiwan and Michelin star restaurant Ya Ge have teamed up to offer diners an unforgettable fusion of technology and fine cuisine. From June 25 to July 15, guests of the restaurant, located in Taipei’s Mandarin Oriental hotel, can enjoy a first-of-its-kind feast that showcases signature Taiwanese flavors with the help of Samsung’s new Sunrise Gold Galaxy S9+.



The “#LetsGold” collaborative event leverages Samsung’s VR, AR and AI technologies in ways that stimulate the senses and take the dining experience to new heights. An exclusive six-course meal takes guests on a culinary journey that utilizes the smartphone’s innovative features to offer an exciting look at each delectable dish.


Eager guests are escorted to an exclusive room that’s awash in gold and includes a matching Galaxy S9+ at every seat. Once they’re seated, they’re introduced to an AR Emoji avatar of Executive Chef Tse Man, who kicks off the feast by revealing the evening’s appetizers, and offering a peek at his team’s meticulous cooking process through the mixed reality technology.



After the appetizers comes a rich and nutritious porcini, blazed mushrooms and abalone soup, which transforms before diners’ eyes when viewed through a camera lens on the Galaxy S9’s Infinity Display. Once diners snap a shot of the soup, they’ll be able to watch a delightful animation of each locally sourced ingredient leaping into their bowl.



Once they’ve finished, diners are treated to a fun and interactive introduction to their next course: Penghu lobster. Donning Galaxy S9-equipped Gear VRs, guests enjoy an immersive look at lobsters and various other forms of marine life roaming the sea. Once they take off the headset, they’re delighted to find that the fresh and savory lobsters have transformed into a classic Cantonese dish – baked golden brown and absolutely delicious.



Next up on the menu is one of Chef Tse Man’s signature dishes: a succulent U.S. Angus beef fillet served with wine. While they eat, diners are informed of the wine’s vineyard and vintage, courtesy of the smartphone’s ever-insightful Bixby Vision function.


Rounding off an exquisite evening of gastronomical delights are the restaurant’s signature fried rice – which guests are encouraged to capture, in all its tantalizing glory, through the device’s bright, F1.5-aperture lens – and finally, delicious charcoal buns with salted egg custard filling.



If you’re in the area, hurry over to Ya Ge to experience this Galaxy S9-inspired feast for yourself. Your taste buds will thank you later.

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