[Design Story] How Samsung’s Sound Design Creates a Harmonized Galaxy S8 User Experience

on April 14, 2017
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The word ‘rhythm’ is derived from the Greek term ‘rhein’, meaning ‘to flow’. It’s created by the flow of all existing relationships of our present world interconnecting and reacting with one another. A device and its user act in the same way. The new Galaxy S8 seeks to create a unique rhythm created by constant free-flowing interactions of visual, tactile, and auditory senses coming together as a single experience.



Over the Horizon 2017


Just as visual design embodies an era, sound design also carries the essence of its time. The signature six-note sound of Samsung Electronics’ mobile devices, Over the Horizon, also aims to manifest the yearnings and changes of our current age. This simple melody possesses an infinite range of variations depending on the changes in sound and beat. Every year, Over the Horizon has been reborn to capture the keywords of the year through collaborations with artists. We introduce the creative workings of Jacob Collier, who was the partnering artist for the sounds of Over the Horizon 2017.



Millennial Artist, Jacob Collier

Jacob Collier is the representative artist of the Millennial Generation. Able to play over thirty different instruments, he expresses his unique inner world through musical illustrations that incorporates various genres.



Jacob’s characteristic style of playing many instruments simultaneously while immersing free-form rhythm to the regular beat of a metronome is synonymous to the brand-new interface of the Galaxy series of 2017 that provides a wide range of user experiences through connection and fusion.




Rhythm and Energy Flowing from 16 Live Instruments

From the base melody and its annual variations of the previous Over the Horizon, Jacob added in his own style to create a new tune. Jacob personally brought and played sixteen instruments and recorded it live, completing Over the Horizon 2017. This track combines the sensitivity of modern jazz and the trendy rhythms of dance, together exuding a free and fresh energy.



“Six notes was by far the smallest amount of material I have worked with, but was also the most fun.” – Jacob Collier



As Jacob said, the same six notes flow through a stream of different variations in instruments and multi-layered vocals that offer listeners a one-of-a-kind experience.



All New Ringtones for Galaxy S8


Auditory memory lasts five to six times longer than visual memory. That is why sound is a crucial component among the unified experiences that Galaxy S8 seeks to provide. Even the visual experiences of Galaxy S8 have been reinterpreted with a musical approach to give a comprehensive and unified user experience, from its renewed UI design, icons, wallpapers, to the overall look and mood exuding from its materials.



Samsung X DJ Soulscape



Ringtones for Galaxy S8

Sound design connecting you to the Galaxy S8 throughout your day, experience Galaxy S8’s new ringtones merging with the visual mood.



Modern musician R. Murray Schafer notes that “When we go to sleep, our perception of sound is the last door to be closed and it is also the first to open when we awaken.” Just as we awake with the brightening sound of a smartphone alarm and drift away to sleep with the gentle caress of our favorite tunes, our sense and perception of sound is more closely integrated in the intricate fabric of our sensible lives than any other sensory stimulation.


Our senses have grown weary over time with the excess of noise from our cities. We, at Samsung Electronics hope that users will be delighted by our mobile sounds, welcoming its tunes as bearers of good news.



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