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on December 13, 2016
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Ancient Cultural Heritage Meets Cutting Edge Economics, Welcome to China


At the cusp of tradition and change, the entire world is focusing on the tenacity of this nation and how they will emerge. Not only the rapid economic growth but the unique regional and cultural characteristics of China are of great interest to the entire world. Here at the heart of the dragon, Samsung Design China (SDC) in Beijing and Shanghai seek the best in design performance as well as competing with other global design companies.


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SDC Fuses China’s Unique Culture with a Cutting Edge Eye for Design


New market trends, cultural or regional policies, user feedback and recommendations as well as insights are all our agenda as we reach out to universities, research firms and design agencies for a collaborative effort to better understand China. Never with an outside-in perspective but as an insider on the ground who knows what and when things happen. Here at the SDC office, we’ve been tailoring smartphones, home appliance products, computers, wearable smart devices and IoT products to compliment this unique and bustling part of the world.


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Bringing the Future Today through Our Products, Starting Successful Business Opportunities


The potential market value of China is still unmeasured. To succeed in such a climate, staying ahead of the trends of the market as well as design is a must. We strive to become a company that the people of China will grow to love.


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SDC – Beijing Office


Product Strategy Team


As China is a very competitive market, keeping up with the latest trends and competition is a must. To do this, SDC works with local agencies on research projects looking for user insights. With these findings we plan our product strategy for the market.


Industrial Design Team


The Industrial Design team here at SDC works closely with the product strategy team and local R&D centers to get the most out of our smartphone products like the Galaxy C series. SDC is responsible for the designs of the Galaxy C5/C7, Galaxy C9 Pro and Galaxy J3 Pro.


UX Design Team


The UX Design team includes User Interface (UI) and Graphic User Interface (GUI). Based on the needs and behavior of the local user, we devise useful UI implementation while working closely with the local R&D center to better equip the Galaxy series products to the China market.



SDC – Shanghai Lab


Digital Appliance Design Team


The Digital Appliance (DA) Design team located in Shanghai branch is immersed in research for cultural and lifestyle trends. We look for meaningful insights that may lay the groundwork for new innovations and creative direction. We also seek to take those insights and apply them to our home appliance product design.




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Galaxy C Series


The Galaxy C series is the new smartphone tailored for the China market. Smartphones go far beyond from being a mere digital device to part of one’s identity. This is the reason why product differentiation and authenticity matters in today’s product design field. Samsung Electronics establishes Galaxy C series with a unique signature design geared with premium material.


Galaxy C5/C7 Product Design


SDC’s first complete smartphone design project including user research, product design, user interface design, graphic user interface design as well as packaging design. The C5/C7 targets the younger generation with the ultra slim metal uni-body design.


Galaxy C5/C7 GUI Theme Design


The Galaxy C5 / C7 GUI theme, encompassing wallpaper and icons, brings to the screen the latest contemporary trends. Targeting 20 somethings, we designed a colorful theme with four unique metal GUI themes to match the metal exterior colors of the Galaxy C5/C7. The goal is to bring out unlimited imagination and inspiration for the younger generation to harness their dreams.


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Galaxy C9 Pro Product Design


The flagship model to really show the mettle of Samsung Electronics is the Galaxy C9 Pro. With the metal uni-body and MSA (Micro Slit Antenna) which does away with the thick antenna but instead incorporates three thin strips for a decidedly unique design. Also, the huge 6.0 inch AMOLED screen and dual speakers create an immersive viewing experience as well as an exciting game environment.


Galaxy C9 Pro GUI Theme Design


Galaxy C9 Pro GUI theme extends the previous Galaxy C5/C7 metal theme for an upgraded hardware design. By using the Mobius concept on the wallpaper, it not only conceptually unifies the design, but also attracts the younger generation with a modern yet soft feel.


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Galaxy J3 Pro Product Design


Galaxy J3 Pro targets affordable price with a premium atmosphere. The authentic metal spin texture on the battery door emphasizes attention to detail while the side step treatments can help to give an overall slimmer feel with better grip.


Veyron GUI Theme Design


The Veyron GUI theme targets the Chinese premium users. The curves of the lines on the wallpaper hint at the smoothness of the phone in your hand. The metal details on the launcher icons are highly detailed. The reflections of highlight on the metal lines are not only conveying a high-end feel but also stands out as being different from others.


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