[Design Story] The Definitive 9

on January 11, 2017
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The starting point of a laptop computer is the exclusion of location, you can take your computer and work on it wherever you like. That predilection for mobility naturally comes with attributes such as lightweight, functional and sturdiness. Lighter, easier, smoother integration, the 2017 Samsung Notebook 9 re-defines itself from these three premises. Simple, yet hard to achieve.



The world today isn’t just looking for something unique, they’re looking for the unique in the everyday. At first what may appear to sound as a contradiction, this conceptual approach is what drives the essence of the product and fuels the designer’s imagination. Is it possible for a laptop computer to be both functional; easy to use and still be aesthetically pleasing? To answer that, the Samsung Notebook 9 returned to the source and asked the question: ‘what is a laptop computer?’ – a bare essence question that through rigorous trial and speculation has coalesced into a new perspective for laptop computers.




Like its namesake a laptop should be easy to hold and carry around, like a notebook. Lighter, and smaller is the way to go. In any case, it shouldn’t be cumbersome in your hand or in your bag.



#1 Smaller Size

The very essence of a laptop is this: portability. To maximize this potential, the goal was to reduce the mass of the device itself without sacrificing screen real estate. Comparing with previous 13 inch models, the width is 309.4mm and height 208mm for a smaller yet maximized laptop.


#2 Lighter Weight

Instead of an aluminum exterior, a lighter magnesium compound was selected in reducing the 13 inch model to a mere 799 grams, improving the overall look & feel.



#3 Stronger Exterior

Smaller? Yes. Lighter? You bet. And still strong as ever. A lighter magnesium MAO surface treatment technology ensures a lightweight body with fortified exterior and corrosion resistant.




Whether you’re working or just surfing the web your laptop should be the least of your worries. The Samsung Notebook 9 has taken even the most minute details into consideration. From the keyboards to security, nothing is too small or big to overlook.



#1 Elegantly Curved

The keyboard is probably the most engaging component of the laptop. With that, a decidedly curved design was chosen both for ergonomic functionality but for aesthetics as well.


#2 More Reliable Security

Security is handled with a simple touch. Fingerprint recognition allows you quick access and is hidden among the keyboards so it’s not too obvious adding to the design.


#3 Sturdier Design

The rounded four corners give the Samsung Notebook 9 a neutral look but also acts as a shock absorb should you happen to lose hold of it. The LCD screen is inset from the bottom so that the impact of a fall will be less to the screen.




A design that is discreet and yet captures the eye, subtly. With a neutral color palette, the new Samsung Notebook 9 is visually stable and inviting for anyone. Be it form, material or touch the Samsung Notebook 9 works harmoniously with any user by offering a counterbalance to your lifestyle.



#1 Harmonious Color

Crush white, Light Titan, Violet Blue are the colors available in the new Samsung Notebook 9. Colors that are neutral and genderless and carry with them a flair of harmony and elegance.


#2 Softer Finish

Corners and edges have been rounded out for a softer appeal as well as ease of handling when taking it in and out of your bag.



#3 Consistent Look

In line with the overall design approach, the keyboard colors match the color palette for a consistent look throughout*.



Well Balanced Design Essence


Ease of grip, keyboard touch, color combinations – these elements all come together to perfect the laptop computer. As neutrality is the encompassing theme of the Samsung Notebook 9, it is designed to align and integrate into your lifestyle, not only aesthetically with lines, contours and color but with function and ease of use. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, the Samsung Notebook 9 ensures a seamless user experience with you and your lifestyle.



* White keyboards are used for the Violet Blue model


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