Designing Kitchen Appliances that Cater to Contemporary Consumers’ Tastes

on May 18, 2018
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The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where family and friends gather, and scents and tastes crystallize into treasured childhood memories. While the kitchen’s purpose has remained steadfastly unchanged, its aesthetics have evolved over the years with households’ shifting preferences.


Guided by a minimalist aesthetic principle known as “Flat Design”, Samsung has crafted a range of innovative and elegant appliances that embody the latest trends in kitchen design. Let’s examine a few of these trends and discover how Samsung’s latest kitchen innovations bring harmony to the heart of the home.



Creating a Harmonious Dining Space


The kitchen is no longer just a place where meals are prepared and dishes are washed. With the rise of open-concept homes, the contemporary kitchen is now often the centerpiece of the interior.


Samsung’s built-in appliances, such as its premium flat design refrigerators, are engineered to blend seamlessly with the visual style of all living areas, just like furniture. In the past, household appliances were designed in isolation from their intended surroundings, but today’s built-in appliances harmonize with the decor all around them. Featuring precision-engineered flat surfaces, the premium appliances can slot effortlessly between cabinets without disrupting the flow and balance of the interior.



Embracing Simplicity


Our homes offer us respite from the busyness of daily life. It’s no surprise then that many have embraced simplistic interior designs.


But curating a balanced, minimalist home is no easy task. With so few visual elements on display, any one feature that strays from the overall theme can turn into a major distraction.


With sleek, monochromatic exteriors, Samsung’s flat design refrigerators are fine-tuned to deliver simple yet striking elegance. Composed of pristine geometric lines, they exude a sense of serenity and calm – essential elements of any minimalist home.


By combining exquisite details with perfect finishing, Samsung’s built-in appliances seamlessly integrate into the kitchen while proudly expressing their unique presence. When multiple flat design built-in appliances are installed in a kitchen, they harmonize with one another to produce a unified minimalistic interior.



Adopting Industrial Materials

Gone are the days when kitchens were filled with simply dark wooden cabinets. Today, contrasting tones and textures are often juxtaposed against one another to fashion unique cooking and dining areas.


As part of this growing trend, interior designers are looking toward materials traditionally seen in industrial spaces to expand their palette.



Featuring matt stainless-steel finishing, Samsung’s premium flat design refrigerators weave industrial design into the fabric of contemporary kitchens, bringing the atmosphere of a professional cooking space to consumers’ homes.



Eliminating Clutter

The modernist mantra “less is more” has taken hold of modern kitchen design. This is why, for example, contemporary cabinets and kitchen units are geared toward hiding utensils to minimize clutter.


Adhering to this approach, only essential controls and mechanisms appear on the exteriors of Samsung’s appliances, while less important controls are placed inside. Not only does this design approach enhance the harmonious aesthetic, it also increases the usability of the appliances, as users can navigate cooking areas effortlessly, giving them extra time and energy to accomplish more.


Minimalistic hidden displays (left) deliver information efficiently while embedded dispenser (right) removes clutter from the surface.


Samsung also adopts a three-dimensional approach to create flat design refrigerators. Showcased at EuroCucina 2018, Samsung’s RS8000 refrigerator is the latest iteration of this unique design framework.


The RS8000’s recessed door handles obscure the cavity between the refrigerator doors, removing unnecessary visual distractions from the flat-front aesthetic. This design feature allows the two doors to appear as if they were crafted from a single sheet of metal, giving the refrigerator a sense of luxury as well as robustness. Minimal dispensers integrated into the doors further emphasize the balance of form and function, making the RS8000 an unobtrusive addition to the modern kitchen.



Building a Multifunctional Living Space


Despite different stylistic changes, contemporary kitchen designs are, in essence, inspired by the simple value of creating comfortable, multifunctional living spaces.


By offering consumers contemporary elegance and best-in-class functionality, Samsung’s latest kitchen appliances transform the usual dining and cooking area into a truly diverse living space. The sleek designs of the refrigerators create an atmosphere of relaxation, yet also fit the mood of any dinner party. Meanwhile, the seamless designs of Samsung’s built-in appliances free up valuable space to make the contemporary kitchen an engaging area for everyday living.

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