[Domestic Delights] ③ How Samsung’s Appliances Have Been Designed to Make Your Home Experiences More Convenient

on June 25, 2020
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As we cook at home more and more, little kitchen-related inconveniences and chores are also increasing in frequency and breaking into everyday routines. For example, cleaning grease on a gas stove, once a task undertaken only occasionally, can become a burden when done too regularly – one that can even put you off from using the stove.


Samsung Electronics is committed to reducing such user inconveniences by considering right from the start of the design process which features are needed to answer consumer needs. For example, Samsung’s AddWashFront Load Washer lets you put extra items of clothing into the machine after a cycle has started, and Samsung’s Virtual Flame feature for its electric stovetop cookers glows just like a real flame to alert users to the heat of the cooker and prevent accidents.



In fact, many Samsung appliances feature all kinds of useful functions that have been specifically designed to maximize convenience for consumers. You may have been missing out on some of these handy features – so read on to learn about these multi-level functionalities available across Samsung’s extensive range of appliances.



Level 1: Features to Help You View Your Appliances at a Glance

#Keep Everyone Safe with Virtual Flame



Modern induction cooktops let you cook up delicious meals without the mess occasionally experienced when using gas cooktops. However, there is one potential inconvenience – without fire, it’s sometimes difficult to see whether the stovetop is burning hot or cold.


This is why Samsung developed the Virtual Flame™ functionality, which glows just as a real flame does to alert users to the heat of the cooker. LED surface lights illuminate pans placed on the stovetop to provide the visual of a gas cooker – still with all the precision of induction cooking. This innovative feature helps those cooking stay safe in a busy kitchen and also keeps children away from open flames.



#Manage Your Food Conveniently with Refrigerator Icons



As we pack our refrigerators with more and more groceries, keeping things organized can be difficult, and we can end up forgetting where we put what. Some food may even go to waste as it sits out of sight, packed away at the back of the bottom shelf. Keeping your fridge organized by food type is also a good idea because some types of foods keep better when stored together.


To make this process easier, drawers in Samsung refrigerators are marked with specific, intuitive icons. Users can find dedicated icons for meat, fish and frozen foods in the freezer compartment and icons for vegetables and fruits in the main refrigerator. With these icons, you can find the food you are looking for when you need it without wasting time.



#Angled Displays for Easy Inspection



In most homes, dishwashers are placed underneath a countertop to maximize space. One inconvenience from this low height placement is that users have to bend down every time they want to check the dishwasher clock. This is why Samsung designed its front-side time display1 to be angled upwards just under the dishwasher’s handle – meaning that you can easily check on your dishwasher load’s progress quickly without straining your back.



#Dedicated Lights for Convenient Clothes Retrieval



Tired of having to deal with misplaced socks after every laundry load? Samsung’s washing machines feature a special light on the internal drum to let you see clearly what is inside and help you get every last piece of clothing out. Located on the upper right side of the drum, the light brightly illuminates the entire drum so that you can quickly and safely check the contents of the machine.



Level 2: Built-in Functionalities that Let You Do More

#Add to a Wash Even When the Cycle Has Started



We have all had moments where we have loaded up and started our washing machines – only to later find a sock or a T-shirt left behind on the bedroom floor.


With Samsung’s AddWashFront Load Washer, you no longer have to wait until the next round of laundry to wash everything you initially wanted to get clean. The washer comes with a dedicated door on the top of the machine that lets you insert extra socks or other items of clothing into the machine, even when a cycle has already started.



#Open Up your Bespoke Refrigerator Without Obstruction



Conventional freestanding refrigerators command a lot of space, especially because users have to make room for the doors to swing open – often, this means refrigerators have to be placed protruding from the rest of the kitchen.


To help users enjoy a refrigerator experience that can suit any space, Samsung’s Bespoke refrigerators feature a specific rotation axis and maximum opening angle of 90°. That means that the refrigerator can be installed like a built-in product without requiring extra room and will not crash into the other kitchen furniture around it when the doors are opened. The Bespoke’s inner drawers are also specially designed to slide smoothly out of the module without hitting the doors for utmost ease of use.


What’s more, if you need to change the location of your Bespoke refrigerator, you can reverse the way the door swings out2 or move the handle to make accessing your food as easy as possible.



#Clean Easily with Magnetic Induction Control Knobs



With Samsung’s induction cooktop, you can enjoy cutting-edge digital technology without sacrificing the familiarity of analog. The cooktop is designed with digital touch controls but also comes with removable magnetic knobs for those who prefer old-school controls. When cleaning the cooktop, users can easily remove the knobs to wipe down the surface without obstruction.


Furthermore, these knobs can be used to tell if your pots and pans are magnetic-grade stainless steel so that you can make the most of your induction cooktop. Place a knob near the base of the pan to see if it sticks – if it does, your pan will work well on Samsung’s induction cooktops.



#Keep the Air Fresh with Auto Clean



Worried about keeping the air inside your air conditioner clean? Let your appliance do the work for you. The Auto Clean function on Samsung’s Wind-Free™ air conditioner automatically maintains air quality with a three-step process. First, the air conditioner will blow air for 10 minutes to remove any moisture, then check internal humidity using sensors, and continue drying for up to an additional 20 minutes to prevent the build-up of bacteria and odors. Thanks to this automatic and time-saving process, you can rest easy knowing that the air inside your home is hygienic and clean.



Level 3: Hidden Features that Add Convenience Without You Noticing

#Effortlessly Keep Your Samsung Jet Upright



Clutter is one of the things that make a house a home, and while stacks of books or beautiful plants might fill us with comfort when we walk through the door, they can stand in the way of thorough cleaning when vacuuming.


When taking the time to move them out of the way to get in all the nooks and crannies where dust might have settled, it can be a hassle to prop up your vacuum cleaner against a nearby wall or piece of furniture to stop it from falling. A small detail built into the Samsung Jet™’s design can help make this easier.


The Samsung Jet™ features four rubber pads on its battery, strategically placed so that when you lean it against a vertical object such as a wall, it is able to rest securely without the risk of falling or the need for a stand.



#Prevent Water Leakage with the Samsung AirDresser



Samsung’s AirDresser effectively removes lingering dust and odor from your clothes by blasting powerful jets of steam from top to bottom. The steam comes from a water tank inside the wardrobe, and given that AirDressers are usually stored in bedrooms, closets or other rooms without drainage systems, a water leak can quickly become a serious problem.


This is why Samsung’s AirDresser has been designed with a three-stage safety system to block unwanted water flow and prevent leaks. The appliance’s door also features a durable rubber gasket to enhance its sealing capability, and the lower part of the AirDresser features a protruding design to keep all water inside the device.



Level 4: Functionalities Tailored to Suit Lifestyles Around the World

#Cook Indian Cuisine to Perfection



Fashioned specifically for Indian users, Samsung has designed a range of microwave ovens and refrigerators that can help with the preparation of over 250 Indian foods which can be operated by solar energy where required. The microwave ovens have been equipped with the ‘Masala & Sun Dry’ feature to help users easily and conveniently prepare the spices and dried fruits that are often used in Indian home cuisine.


Furthermore, the Curd Maestro™ Refrigerator is the world’s first fridge specially designed to help users make and store curd in just three easy steps, with dedicated compartments for culture mixing, fermentation and curd storage for the convenient preparation of curd in any weather or season.



#Keep Air Conditioners Working Effectively in Every Climate



In tropical regions like Southeast Asia, a common problem faced by users is having lizards and other small insects and pests crawl into air conditioning units to rest on the circuit board. These small animals can cause outsized damage by short-circuiting the unit. Samsung’s air conditioners have been designed to address this problem, with outdoor units adopting a ribbed, lizard-proof structure with gaps smaller than 1 millimeter to prevent any unwanted visitors infiltrating the unit.


Tropical regions are not the only areas that Samsung has developed specialized appliances for. In areas like the Middle East, where temperatures can soar during the summer months, Samsung air conditioners are equipped with durable compressors that can maintain performance even at 68°C (154°F)3. Users can stay comfortably cool with Samsung’s Wind-Free™ technology without having to worry about their air conditioner giving out in extreme heat.


1 Available on the following models sold in the U.S.: DW80R9950US, DW80R9950UG, DW80R9950UT

2 BESPOKE 1-door and BMF models only

3 Based on internal testing of compressor UG9TK3150F and UG91TK2150F

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