[Editorial] Three PC Promises for the New Year Ahead of MWC 2022

on February 17, 2022 by Hark-sang Kim
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It is only the second month of 2022, and yet, it has already been quite a year for Samsung Electronics!


Just a few days ago, we announced our Galaxy S22 series, a series that represents the best of Samsung’s mobility, innovation and ingenuity coming together to improve people’s daily lifestyles, and is also something that is also greatly influencing another lineup at Samsung: the PC.



Putting Users at the Heart of the Galaxy Experience

For the past two years, one of the biggest goals at Samsung has been to redefine the computing experience for the mobile world. We have been focusing on revamping our PC lineup to offer the best of Samsung’s mobile and ecosystem experiences with devices like the Galaxy Book Pro 360. This is also why we are committed to openness, a dedication to our customers that promises breakthrough innovations and leading collaborations in order to put our users at the heart of the Galaxy experience.


Last year, we reached more PC consumers in more markets than ever before, and as a result, PC sales increased by 63 percent year-over-year. Now in 2022, we are doing everything we can to further remove the friction from our users’ daily digital lives so that they can work, connect with loved ones, and enjoy their hobbies from anywhere with simple and seamless technology experiences. As a part of this initiative, we’ve emphasized device continuity, ensuring that the devices in the Galaxy Ecosystem work together for our users.


Therefore, as PCs continue to power many of our daily routines, we are continuing our efforts with our Galaxy Book lineup to provide best-in-class experiences across our devices. That’s why we’re continuing our longstanding partnership with Intel and Microsoft. Together, we will achieve three goals with our soon-to-be-announced next generation Galaxy Book lineup that is set to transform the way people use their devices within their daily lives: a seamless experience across devices and operating systems, the combination of the best of Galaxy mobility powered by Intel, and peace of mind brought about through robust security.


We are excited to share the full details of the next generation of Galaxy Book with you right ahead of Mobile World Congress (MWC), but in the meantime, here are a few things you can expect.



Seamless Experiences That Transcend Device and OS

As consumers continue to own and carry more mobile devices, from smartphones and tablets to PCs and wearables, we understand how vitally important it is that their tech works flawlessly together, no matter what operating system or form factor they are using.


We have already made major progress in tandem with Microsoft on apps like Link to Windows, and in 2022, we will expand these experiences even further. From smartphones to PCs, Galaxy devices already maintain a seamless experience that enables access to Microsoft apps such as Office, OneDrive and Outlook for full on-the-go functionality. Going forward, we will be bringing even more continuity to users as they work, connect, play and more.


To provide more consistency in the way our device experiences look and feel for all users, we recently announced One UI Book 4. Now, your favorite Samsung apps like Samsung Gallery and Samsung Notes look clean and consistent, whether you’re using them on your phone or your PC.



Combining the Best of Galaxy Mobility, Powered by Intel

We’re committed to creating devices in the Galaxy Ecosystem that are as thin and as light as possible while still being able to power your full productivity.


With the next generation of Galaxy Book, Samsung and Intel are building a modern PC experience, bringing the best of the connected Galaxy Ecosystem and mobility together with next-generation performance, battery life to give users a series of PCs that fulfill all their needs no matter where they are in life, or their day.



Peace of Mind for Our Users

These days, more and more people are working at home and facing unprecedented security risks to both themselves and their companies. We remain committed to providing safe, private and secure experiences no matter where our customers are to help contribute to a safer society.


The threat of cybercrime has increased substantially since the start of the pandemic, something which has the potential to cause untold damage to companies and individuals alike. However, we want to do everything we can to protect Galaxy users.


Nowadays, it’s vital that we deliver an experience that’s as secure as possible. One thing is clear: we can’t do this alone. To deliver the safest PCs possible, we worked together with Intel and Microsoft to ensure the next generation of devices meets the strongest security standards and combats modern security threats. We can’t wait to show you the next generation of Galaxy Book alongside our trusted partners. Look out for more updates soon once we’re ready to share our full vision of the modern PC experience.

by Hark-sang Kim

Corporate EVP & Head of New Computing R&D Team, Samsung Electronics

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