Extending Life’s Simple Pleasures Beyond the Blink of an Eye

on March 26, 2018
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In an age where everything moves at lightning speed, it’s easy to miss some of life’s simplest pleasures. Whether you’re running to your next appointment, snapping another selfie or hurrying to get the kids off to school, it’s all about moving quickly and on to the next thing.


The Super Slow-mo video feature of the new Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ allows people to discover the beauty and joy within even life’s most basic tasks just by slowing things down a few notches.


“My dog drinking water out of a bowl, me jumping into my pool at home or pouring sugar into a coffee [are things I’m capturing with my Galaxy S9],” says social media content creator Sam Evans, who is based in Australia.




He’s also finding the length of the Super Slow-mo videos to be ideal for posting on his social channels.



Sam was one of dozens of influencers who attended a launch event for the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ in Barcelona last month and was one of the first to try out the new slow-motion functionality. Whether it was a daring capture of a backflip mid-air or something as simple as recording snow falling, the results were stunning and showcased the funny, moving and often sweet-natured emotions we so often miss.


Dancer, rapper and producer Kenzoalvares and pro parkour athlete Bart van der Linden show off their mad Super Slow-mo skills with Glory Heavy Weight World champion Rico Verhoeven at an event in Barcelona.


Niklas Larsen, a Danish YouTube and Instagram influencer, is finding the humor in the most basic activities by slowing them down with his Galaxy S9+.


Niklas kicks up some Super Slow-mo action: Snow can actually be used for anything!


“I use the Super Slow-mo feature every day – my classmates are kind of tired of me because I want them to drop something [on the floor] or spit water…I am kind of addicted to how cool my shots can get!” he says.



The ability to capture intricate details is also important to landscape and nature photographer Mattias Nutt, who lives in Switzerland. The avid content creator utilizes both modes within the feature to get the exact result he’s looking for.


“With the Galaxy S9+ it’s possible to adjust the recording moment exactly. Also, the possibility to record about 20 sequences is a big advantage. The [ability to] switch between manual and auto function as slow-motion modes is a big plus,” says Mattias.


Samsung’s latest Super Slow-mo technology slows things down by 4x as much as before, capturing 960 frames per second (fps) up from 240fps – but the fun doesn’t stop there. You can also choose from a variety of music options to add to your video, including a favorite song from your personal collection. You can customize your clip even further by turning it into a GIF that you can save or share with three options: video on loop, in reverse or swing mode.


“I love capturing in Super Slow-mo some of my child’s reactions. Then I show it to him, and we are both delighted with the recording; I also used Super Slow-mo to shoot his first-ever skateboard ride,” said Romanian Instagram influencer Dana Rogoz.


The new functionality also serves another purpose for Dana, as she’s discovered how the feature can elevate and optimize her professional work.



What hidden moments will you capture from your everyday life with the Samsung Galaxy S9/9+ Super Slow-mo feature? There’s only one way to find out – so start shooting and see for yourself!

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