From Color to Finish, Users Can Customize Their Kitchen How They Want with Samsung’s Bespoke Refrigerator

on June 15, 2020
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With its customizable and intuitive design, diverse color palette and advanced food management performance, Samsung’s Bespoke refrigerator is a design-forward and creative kitchen appliance that lets users express themselves in their homes much as they do with their traditional home décor pieces.


The Samsung Bespoke refrigerator is now set to launch in global markets, starting with China and followed by Europe and the CIS region.



Your Refrigerator, Your Style, Your Way

Ushering in a new era of customizable home appliances, the Bespoke refrigerator provides the ultimate in stylish kitchen innovations, able to suit a variety of consumer lifestyles. Not only can users match their refrigerator’s color swatches to their personal taste and needs, but they can also configure their appliance’s material and module type.


The Bespoke refrigerator lineup features three models all identical in depth and height – 24” 1-door, 18” 1-door and 2-door BMF – that can easily be mixed and matched depending on the user’s space, tastes and requirements.




A One-Of-A-Kind Appliance

While the choice to purchase larger home appliances would normally see users concede their own tastes and color palettes for necessity and function, with Samsung’s Bespoke refrigerator, such compromise is a thing of the past.


Each Bespoke refrigerator features an innovative door panel that can be personalized with a unique color-material-finish (CMF)1 reflecting the personal taste and home décor preferences of its user. Not only are there up to 112 color swatches to choose from, users can also choose which color and texture their Bespoke refrigerator is finished with, providing users not only with a pleasant tactile experience but also the opportunity to express their own style.



The colors available for users to choose from range from lighter tones such as White, Pink, Beige and Lavender all the way through to darker Navy, Graphite and Charcoal swatches. The three texture choices – Satin Glass, Color Cotta and Glam Mirror – allow for further customization thanks to the different luster each provides. Satin Glass is a delicate glass option with a silk-smooth finish; Color Cotta is a metal texture with the warmth of baked terracotta; and Glam Mirror is a brilliant glass swatch that dazzles with light.



Built to Your Taste

No matter your living situation or taste preferences, there is a Bespoke design combination tailored for you. For those who live as a couple, the 2-door module with a Flex compartment can provide just the right amount of space. For those living alone, the 24” 1-door module that fits seamlessly into your existing décor might be the best choice. The 18” 1-door module can also be added for additional space if needed. Those with kitchens that need to grow over time can add on as many modules as they need, since all options are identical in depth and height to provide a uniform look when installed side by side.


With the wide variety of color and finishing options, the possibilities are endless when choosing a style that matches – and is able to keep up – with the way you live.



Stay tuned to Samsung Newsroom for more information on the Bespoke refrigerator and its revolutionary design customization options.


1 Only available in CIS

2 Color options vary by model and region.

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