Samsung Globally Launches Bespoke: A Customizable Refrigerator that Caters to Various Consumer Lifestyles

Korea on June 15, 2020
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Samsung introduces a new category of trendy and ingenious kitchen appliances with the Bespoke refrigerator

Features customizable design aspects that cater to various lifestyles, including a wide range of colors and textures

Samsung Electronics today announces the launch of its new Bespoke refrigerator in select markets around the world. After first launching in China, Bespoke will be introduced in Europe and the CIS region.


The Bespoke refrigerator ushers in a new era of customizable home appliances, underlining Samsung’s dedication to creating products that truly reflect evolving consumer lifestyles. Customizable according to user preference, Bespoke allows consumers to tailor their own configurations by material, color, and module to match various lifestyles and interior design concepts.


“Samsung is creating new kitchen innovations with Bespoke by catering to individual preferences across a wide spectrum of consumer lifestyles,” said Eugene Chung, Vice President of Digital Appliances, Samsung Electronics. “We are excited to offer consumers around the world the opportunity to satisfy their lifestyle needs through our aspirational Bespoke refrigerator.”



Personalized Design Details

The lineup includes three models: a 24” 1-door module; an 18” 1-door module, and a 2-door BMF module.1 With these three different modular units, users can simply add a new model to their existing combination without the need to discard or replace the current model when adjusting to a lifestyle change or new décor. The product types can be mixed and matched to best reflect the user’s lifestyle, dietary habits, family size and kitchen layout. All models are identical in depth and height to allow a uniform look when installed side-by-side.


Aside from its modular design, each Bespoke comes with an innovative door panel that can be personalized with a unique color-material-finish (CMF) based on the user’s design preferences. With up to 11 colors2 and three textures to choose from, consumers can mix and match to reflect user’s personal taste.


The color offering ranges from lavender and pink to burgundy and navy, delivering a diverse color palette for a wider variety of choice. The three textures – Satin Glass, Color Cotta, and Glam Mirror – further extends the customizability of Bespoke, with each texture radiating a subtle luster that is also pleasant to the touch. The polished feel of Satin Glass strikes the right balance between matte and glossy, while Color Cotta conveys the warmth of a freshly baked clay pot. Meanwhile, the Glam finish exquisitely highlights the space it occupies with a soft sheen.



Fresh Food Management

The Bespoke refrigerator helps vitalize all aspects of kitchen life by allowing consumers to maintain a healthy home environment that stems from proper food management using advanced refrigeration technologies.


Bespoke is equipped with a comprehensive range of features that provide consistent and efficient cooling to keep food fresher for longer.


  • All Around Cooling cools each compartment of the fridge evenly from corner to corner by consistently checking the temperature and circulating cool air through strategically placed vents. This means food is kept at the optimum temperature to preserve freshness for longer.
  • Metal Cooling also contributes to keeping food fresh, even when users frequently open and close the door. A Metal Cooling plate, Metal Shelf and Flat Metal Duct retains the cold, preventing the loss of cool air when the door is opened.
  • No Frost technology helps maintain optimal temperature in every corner of the refrigerator by enhancing air circulation. It stops the buildup of ice on fresh food, like vegetables, and prevents the need to defrost the fridge.
  • Users can also use the Power Freeze function to automatically set the freezer temperature to the lowest level to create a rapid blast of intensely cold air. It’s great for freezing or firming up frozen food, like ice cream, and making ice quickly.
  • The Freezer/Fridge Convertible3 is an adjustable compartment, so users can easily switch back and forth between a freezer and a regular fridge compartment based on their refrigeration needs.


Bespoke is the perfect combination of advanced performance and aspirational design, delivering on Samsung’s promise for a practical kitchen appliance that elevates the home décor. The stylish refrigerator has been recognized by numerous awards across the globe this year, including the gold iF Design Award from Germany, the CES Innovation Award and NYCxDesign Award from the U.S., along with the AWE Product Award from China.



1 Available modules vary by region: China has a 24” 1-door module (RR7000), an 18” 1-door module (RR5000), and a 2-door BMF module (RB3000); CIS has a 24” 1-door module (RR7000) and a 2-door BMF module (RB3000); Northern Europe has a 24” 1-door module (RR7000).

2 Color options vary by model and region.

3 Only available in the RR7000 and the RR5000 models

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