Galaxy S9 Developers Share 9 Key Focuses That Shaped the Device’s Design

on April 24, 2018
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The Galaxy S9 and S9+’s development process began with a simple but significant challenge: Design a smartphone that would reimagine the way that people communicate, share and experience the world around them. To deliver on that challenge, the Galaxy S9’s development team identified key design goals which, if achieved, would allow them to create a smartphone that truly reflected how we use our devices today.


Samsung Newsroom recently conducted a series of interviews with various members of the team behind the company’s latest flagship. Check out the roundup of quotes below to learn more about the insights that shaped the Galaxy S9.



Providing a Single, Intuitive Experience

“[When designing the Galaxy S9,] we focused on enhancing the end-to-end user experience. For the camera, that involved ensuring easy-to-use Super Slow-mo video functionality, with immediately accessible videos that could be directly uploaded to social media through one intuitive process.”



Encouraging Self-Expression with AR Emoji

“‘Communication’ today has come to mean ‘self-expression’. We wanted [the AR Emoji feature] to provide the most personal emojis possible, which would capture users’ individuality with innovative AR technology. The My Emoji feature, which resembles the user’s own facial features, allows users to communicate their emotions in a way that’s uniquely personalized.”



Utilizing the Camera to the Fullest

“We will continue to strive for perfect, professional-quality images. But more importantly, our aim is to make it easier for users to fully utilize our sophisticated camera technology. Our goal is to develop a camera that always produces the best pictures for all users, without requiring them to tinker with settings.”



Producing an Exclusive Sound Experience

“Samsung partnered with HARMAN and Dolby Atmos to craft speakers that are richly satisfying in both sound quality and volume. Through our extensive research and development process, we found that immersive sound can bring a whole new experience to smartphone users who frequently view premium content on their devices. The Galaxy S9’s speakers are the culmination of Samsung’s ongoing efforts to foster peerless multimedia experiences.”



Refining Design Based on User Feedback

“The Galaxy S8 was applauded for its smooth, continuous design. When developing the Galaxy S9, we listened closely to input from users on ways to make that design even better. We decided to adjust the placement of the fingerprint sensor and the side buttons, and made the barely there bezels even slimmer. To create a more seamless look, we crafted the bezels and screen in a deep black, which allows them to blend together nicely and helps conceal the iris sensor, and we also equipped the device with thicker, more durable glass.”


Developing an Efficient UX That Empowers
Users’ Self-Expression

“We designed the Galaxy S9’s UX (user experience) with an emphasis on efficiency, because the easier it is to manage your device, the better your experience will be. And because smartphones are a representation of the user’s personality, we strived to make the UX as customizable as possible in order to foster users’ creativity and self-expression – and that includes the device’s wide spectrum of sound effects.”


Partnering to Make AI More Convenient

“We’ve greatly enhanced Bixby through partnerships that have enabled customized services in different countries, and we’re constantly exploring new Bixby features that can help make people’s everyday lives easier.”



Redefining Smartphone ‘Satisfaction’

“The basic features of smartphones have been refined to the point that consumers are largely satisfied. What matters is not how diverse the features offered are, but whether each feature delivers a high level of satisfaction. At this point, we need to think about the next phase for smartphones, which will involve delivering innovations that really resonate with the new generation of users.”



Staying Ahead of the Game

“[Going forward,] it will be important to stay a step ahead in innovative features, as well as time them to the market appropriately to grab consumers’ attention. We plan to continue exploring dynamic visual features, in addition to working on integrating new technologies like AR (augmented reality) and AI (artificial intelligence) into our devices.”

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