Galaxy’s Celebrity Alarm Lets You Personalize Notification Alerts with Celebrity Voices

on August 2, 2019
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How would you like to be woken up in the morning by your favorite Hallyu star? With the Galaxy series’ Celebrity Alarm feature launched this March, which allows users to customize the sound of their alarm from a range of Korean celebrities’ voices, now you can be.


With Celebrity Alarm, users of devices1 can set their phone notification and alarm noises to the voice of their favorite Korean celebrities. Celebrity Alarm currently features the voices of 21 fan favorites, including ITZY, Daniel Kang, Dae-hwi Lee, Ji-hoon Park, Seventeen, NU’EST, Monsta X, GFriend and Apink – and this number is constantly growing.


The Celebrity Alarm feature functions not only as a customized alarm clock, but also provides notification alerts for various day-to-day scenarios – users can get the day of the week and current time alerts in a celebrity’s voice. If Bixby is enabled, users can also receive daily weather information from their favorite stars.


Not only does Celebrity Alarm provide you with a unique way to receive daily alerts, but the stars’ messages also vary depending on the weather, day of the week and the time. For example, if the weather is cold, Eun-woo Cha may greet you with “It’s very chilly outside, are you wearing warm clothes?”, and on Monday mornings, Dae-hwi Lee will greet you with “It’s a fresh Monday morning. Life is not a problem to be solved but a gift to be enjoyed. Begin the best day of your week!”.



Celebrity Alarm is available for purchase in the Galaxy Store2. Once a user’s desired celebrity voice has been downloaded, it will automatically be saved in a device’s alarm sound list – this is then customizable from within the settings of the Clock app. Once a user has set an alarm, they can choose their desired celebrity voice by clicking on ‘Alarm Sound’ → ‘Celebrity Alarm’ → ‘Selected Voice’, or ‘Alarm Sound’ → ‘Bixby Alarm’ → ‘Selected Voice’ if Bixby is turned on.


The Celebrity Alarm app is available in 11 Asian countries, including Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia, and will be expanded to more countries, languages, devices and celebrity features in the near future. The Sample Celebrity Alarm can be played in languages other than Korean3 when played by a user on a device local to their country of residence.



1 Celebrity Alarm is supported on the Galaxy S10e, S10, S10+, S10 5G, S9, S9+, N9, S8, S8+, N8, Note FE, A8(2018), A9(2018), A9 Pro, A7(2018), A6 Plus, A6, A50, A30, A10, J6, J4 Plus, Jean2, Tab A, Tab S4 and Tab S5e. To use Celebrity Alarm, update the ‘Clock App’ to the latest version (v10.0.02.20) and update to P OS.

2 Each voice selection is priced at 2.20 USD for 90 days.

3 The Celebrity Alarm app supports simple greeting messages by Korean celebrities in nine languages (Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese, Japanese, English, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Malay) through the ‘Sample Celebrity Alarm’ sound. The simple greeting message in English is supported in Singapore and the Philippines. Please note that the official content service only supports Korean.

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