Get a Glimpse of the Next-generation Innovations on Display at Samsung’s Technology Showcase

on February 20, 2019
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With a wide array of robotic and intelligent platforms and devices, Samsung is striving to eliminate tedium and inconveniences from our everyday lives, freeing up our time and energy for more enjoyable tasks. During KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) 2019, Samsung is offering a peek at innovations that lie just around the corner, in a Technology Showcase hosted at the Encore Hotel, Las Vegas, from February 19 to 21.


The exhibition will reveal the company’s vision for the future, with a range of cutting-edge lifestyle concepts on display. At the event, Samsung is unveiling the newest addition to its intelligent robotic Bots lineup, alongside several devices first showcased in January at CES 2019.



Samsung Bot Chef

We can all appreciate an extra pair of hands in the kitchen, sharing the burden of the laborious and repetitive tasks that go into creating delicious meals. First unveiled at KBIS 2019, Samsung Bot Chef is an AI-powered chef’s assistant – a “cobot”, or collaborative robot – that assists them as they whip up gourmet dishes. Bot Chef is designed to be easy to use and highly versatile, with a sleek exterior that hides its advanced mechatronics.



Bot Chef is optimized for kitchen use and is capable of a wide range of kitchen tasks – from chopping and whisking, to pouring and cleaning. Based on SARAM, Samsung’s multi-purpose programmable robotic platform, the lightweight robotic manipulator arm has six degrees of freedom, with the diameter, reach and safety of a human arm. This allows it to perform with a payload just enough to lift common, everyday kitchen items, making it ideal for homes and small businesses. With advanced internal and external sensors and AI-based planning algorithms, the Bot Chef works alongside a person safely, even when they get in each other’s way.



Users can interact with the robotic arm using simple and intuitive voice commands. Meanwhile, the underlying AI and machine-learning skills platform allows users to easily program tasks to perform using voice control, physical manipulation and app-based controls, thereby creating new “skills”. New skills can also be downloaded, customized and shared as part of the online ecosystem, providing endless possibilities in the kitchen. To stir a pot of soup, for example, a user can download the “stirring” skill from the skills ecosystem. Bot Chef can autonomously understand the location of objects, so the user can tell it where to find the spoon, and which pot to stir.



Chef Garden

Many cooks will tell you that there is a certain kind of joy that only fresh, locally sourced ingredients can bring. When it comes to fruit and vegetables, the freshest and most flavorful are home-grown. Chef Garden, debuting at KBIS 2019, aims to provide a farm-to-table experience in the comfort of your own home, with an AI farming platform that effortlessly produces fresh, pesticide-free fruit and vegetables all year round.



Chef Garden integrates seamlessly with the next generation of Samsung Family Hub, using the power and water connections already provided to the refrigerator. To grow their plants, users can choose from a wide variety of seed capsules and place them in the Growing Zone, which applies fogponics technology to create a nutrient fog that delivers water and nutrients to the plants, saving water and keeping the inside of the Growing Zone clean. Chef Garden can control conditions to ensure an optimal environment for growth, making predictions about growth status and controlling harvest time. Thanks to its integration with Family Hub, the platform can also recommend recipes based on the fruit and vegetables that are ready to harvest, as well as the items already in the fridge, helping to minimize waste.



GEMS: Gait Enhancing and Muscle Strengthening



Our bodies are our true homes – and strong muscles are vital to ensure these homes run smoothly. Samsung GEMS was originally developed to help the elderly improve their mobility by applying assistive forces to their lower-limb joints, synchronized with their movements. GEMS has three versions, each assisting a different joint: GEMS-H, GEMS-K and GEMS-A target the hip, knee and ankle, respectively.


In-depth clinical studies for GEMS-H have shown that it can enhance the gait efficiency and stability resulting in more dynamic and balanced walking, as well as a dramatic reduction in energy consumption. With these insights, we decided to expand the scope of its applications from rehabilitation alone to providing proactive musculoskeletal healthcare for everyday users. GEMS-K was designed to reduce the impactive load at the knee joint, the main cause of knee pain when standing up or walking on the stairs. It is expected that it will provide particular relief to osteoarthritis patients as they perform their daily tasks. GEMS-A was devised to support the ankle joint, assisting push-off as the user moves forward and preventing foot-drop, thus helping those who are suffering from hemiplegia caused by stroke aftereffects.


The GEMS series is subject to continuous innovation, with constant improvements in comfort, affordability and personalization, thanks to a synergetic fusion of cutting-edge technologies in robotics, biomechanics and AI.



Samsung Bot Air and Bot Clean



Housework can seem like a never-ending task. What’s more, you might move your air purifier from room to room without knowing if you are targeting the right location or vacuum the same spot repeatedly while missing those hard-to-reach corners.


Making use of sensors throughout the house to gauge air quality, the Samsung Bot Air will move directly to the source of unclean air and begin purifying the area. Users can see the real-time improvement of indoor air quality through its intuitive lighting effects, which go from red for bad air quality to green for fresh air. Taking cleaning to the next level, the Bot Clean is an intelligent and interactive robotic vacuum cleaner that was newly revealed at KBIS 2019. The device can express its current status using its motions and eyes and utilizes LiDAR sensors to navigate a room autonomously, with SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) functionality that scans the area to map out its route.


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