How Samsung Research and MIT’s Hackathon Helped Students Innovate for the Future

on October 12, 2022
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To reimagine the future of health and wellness, Samsung Research’s Experience and Insight Lab (E&I Lab) co-hosted a hackathon with the MIT Media Lab, bringing together a wide variety of student talents and abilities to innovate for the future of wellbeing.



The three-day event brought together 12 teams of engineering, design and art students from MIT, Harvard and Wellesley College. Each team was challenged to create a novel projection concept and a working prototype that addressed real problems in the lifestyle and wellness space.



Following in the spirit of William J. Mitchell, the former dean of MIT’s School of Architecture and Planning, the hackathon utilized an interdisciplinary approach, enabling students to utilize a variety of skills from different fields.



A Collaborative Effort Between Students and Samsung


Samsung Research, Samsung Electronics’ advanced R&D hub, leads the development of future technologies for the company’s Device eXperience (DX) Division and is constantly challenging the status quo and pushing boundaries. Based on this philosophy, the hackathon challenged students to push themselves by breaking down the walls between various disciplines. The hackathon also allowed Samsung to connect with students by providing new opportunities for them to ideate, innovate and bring their ideas to life.


Younger generations of students have fresh perspectives and creative ideas on how to solve problems facing society. Taking inspiration from this, Samsung’s Research hopes to foster an environment where diversity and creativity can thrive, leading to great and sometimes unexpected solutions.


The hackathon was mutually beneficial for both students and Samsung. Students were able to learn more about Samsung Research by utilizing the company’s resources and facilities, helping them to learn and build relationships with others. Samsung was also able to attract talented students, further solidifying its position as a global company.



Expanding the Future of Wellness Through Student Innovation



After a long weekend of hacking, students shared their concepts and prototypes with E&I designers and MIT student mentors and Samsung executives including Dr. Sebastian Seung, President and Head of Samsung Research and Dr. Federico Casalegno, EVP and Head of E&I Lab. Teams were judged on their data and research, prototypes, story, impact and overall uniqueness.


Through a variety of angles and thought-provoking ideas, each team created a unique solution to address problems in the lifestyle space. From utilizing projection to connect people through storytelling to creating virtual cooking experiences, many inspirational and innovative ideas were displayed at the hackathon.

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