How to Set Up Your New Samsung SUHD TV

on May 27, 2016
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Samsung Electronics’ latest lineup of SUHD TVs offer a 360-degree design that looks great from all angles. And with the relentless efforts Samsung puts into design, now there are more ways and places to set up your TV than ever.


Once you get your new TV home, you still need to set it up, but Samsung has made the process straightforward and easy-to-follow. To learn what it’s like to unbox your SUHD TV and attach the stand, check out these simple steps, so you can enjoy the amazing, 4K, HDR display to its fullest.



The first step in stepping up your SUHD TV is to check the images on the top of the box. A series of simple cartoons on the flap of the TV box clearly illustrates how to safely and easily unbox your new TV.


Next, open the box carefully, and take out the manual, stand, one connect box, cables and other accessories.






Remove the top two pieces of styrofoam from the box, and lay the box face-down on the floor.





Carefully pull the TV out of the box. As you remove it, another person should hold the box in place by grasping the hand-hold on the bottom of the box.





Now that the TV is out of the box, place it on a large, clean table while you complete the setup procedure. While the latest SUHD TVs are incredibly thin, a 65-inch model still weighs 28.8 kilograms, so be sure to choose a sturdy, safe location.




Next, assemble the TV stand and tighten the screws, then mount the stand onto the back of the TV and tighten the screws.





Finally, put the cover into place. Samsung overlooked no detail in ensuring its SUHD TVs would look their best from every angle, and that includes having a smooth, classy cover for the stand screws.




Now that the stand is finished, you can carefully set it upright again. Samsung’s SUHD TVs look stunning from all sides—front, sides and back—allowing people to set them up anywhere that suits their taste.





For a couple of fun-filled looks at unboxing your new SUHD TV, here are two more videos for you. First up, the story of a young couple and a very special anniversary present.



In addition, the viral video stars the Holderness Family have made a humorous music video about setting up their new TV.


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