[IFA 2022 Samsung Town] ③ Samsung Showcases The Newest Eye-Catching Products in Berlin

on September 3, 2022
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After a two-year hiatus, Europe’s biggest home appliances trade show is back and better than ever. IFA 2022 took place offline on September 2 in Berlin, Germany, where Samsung Electronics showcased its latest lineup in the Samsung Town exhibition hall. With various zones, such as the SmartThings Life Zone and Everyday Sustainability Zone, visitors could experience the latest products in visual display, home appliances, mobile and memory categories.


Samsung Newsroom takes you to the scene of Samsung Town in this three-story series. In this first story, we’ll cover Samsung’s eco-conscious efforts for sustainable daily lives. In the second story, we’ll share the integrated connected experience enabled by SmartThings Home Life. In the third story, we’ll give you a tour of Samsung’s latest products in the exhibition hall making you feel as if you are actually there.


IFA 2022’s Samsung Town brought excited visitors together to experience Samsung Electronics’ latest products.


At the event, you can find the European Bespoke Home series, Bespoke Infinite lineup, premium high-definition screens including the Micro LED and Odyssey Ark and an upgraded mobile lineup including the Galaxy Z Flip4, Z Fold4, Watch5 and more. Let’s explore the Samsung Town exhibition space at IFA 2022, filled with Samsung’s newest products, interactive exhibits and more through the photos below.


▲ Samsung showcased the Bespoke Home lineup at its Samsung Town exhibit at IFA 2022.



▲ The Bespoke Home lineup helps consumers personalize their kitchen’s interior design by allowing them to select the color and materials based on their preferences. At this year’s IFA, you can find the Bespoke Kitchen Package that displays induction cooking, a dishwasher, oven and more, on top of the Bespoke Home series that features a new washer and dryer.


▲ The Bespoke Jet™ features a Digital Inverter Motor, providing strong durability and suction power.


▲ Experience the high-quality 990 PRO SSD, optimal for gaming and other intensive graphics work. The 990 PRO offers enhanced functionality for gaming, 4K and 8K high resolution videos, 3D rendering, data analysis and more for situations that require super-high data processing work, all thanks to improved speed and high power efficiency.




▲ An overview of Samsung’s visual display exhibition. Visitors were captivated by the Odyssey Ark gaming screen, Neo QLED 8K, Micro LED at the booth.


▲ Visitors tried out the many functions of The Freestyle, a portable screen. The Freestyle, able to freely rotate 180 degrees, can create an ideal screen size with the Easy Set Up function. Simply place the device anywhere and the Freestyle adjusts the focus and keystone automatically.


▲ The Frame, a lifestyle TV, showcases top-tier, 4K ultra high resolution screen quality,1 powered by Quantum Dot technology. The Frame is equipped with Matte Display, which enhances viewing experiences with reduced reflections, offering realistic picture quality regardless of the lighting conditions.



▲ Odyssey Ark, a new gaming screen, offers an immersive experience, captivating visitors’ attention.


▲ Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K provides the best resolution and most vivid picture quality in the industry, but also offers optimized gaming functions for users.




▲ The booth also featured Samsung’s full lineup of mobile devices and wearables. Visitors could experience and try out the new mobile products unveiled at Galaxy Unpacked in August such as the Galaxy Z Flip4, Z Fold4, Watch5, Watch5 Pro, Buds 2 and more.



1 32-inch model offers FHD screen quality.

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