[Infographic] Reduced Size, Increased Performance: Samsung’s GAA Transistor, MBCFET™

on March 14, 2019
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The latest semiconductors hold a vast amount of information inside tiny microchips that are becoming smaller and smaller with each iteration.


In order to reduce the size of semiconductors, FinFET architecture was introduced to further scale gate length. As Samsung designed even smaller microchips, new challenges arose, and achieving below 4-5 nm has proved difficult when using the current FinFET transistor architecture. This observation has spurred the company to innovate and implement its new Gate-All-Around (GAA) transistors.


Samsung re-designed the existing GAA to become the Multi Bridge Channel FET (MBCFET). The MBCFET is more power-efficient than the GAA, and its performance is subsequently better. Samsung’s patented MBCFET is formed as a nanosheet, allowing for a larger current and simpler device integration.


Take a look at the infographic below to learn more about how Samsung’s GAA is advancing the future of semiconductor technology.


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