[Interview] CEO BK Yoon Emphasizes the ‘Unimaginable Value’ of the IoT

on January 11, 2016
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BK Yoon

BK Yoon, President and CEO of Samsung Electronics, making the opening keynote speech at CES 2015.


At CES 2016, a global consumer technology tradeshow held in Las Vegas, the Internet of Things (IoT) was at the top of the agenda. Against this backdrop, Samsung Electronics unveiled a variety of products and technologies that enable consumers to enjoy the IoT in their daily lives, under the theme of “In Sync With Real Life.”


Samsung Newsroom spoke with BK Yoon, President and CEO of Samsung Electronics, who leads the direction of the consumer electronics (CE) business within the company, to talk about Samsung’s vision for the age of IoT and CE business strategy for this year.


Q: Consumers are still largely unfamiliar with the IoT. How should we see the IoT era?


BK Yoon: The IoT will definitely change our home life; however, I believe the greatest change will be witnessed in the manufacturing sector. Under the IoT value creation structure, manufacturers collect data and give feedback after analyzing it, improving and developing factories, homes and societies.


For example, the introduction of the Family Hub Refrigerator at CES 2016 will serve as a milestone in improving the experience in the kitchen. Because the refrigerator multitasks, it will allow you to communicate with family members, access news briefings, find recipes and enjoy entertaining content. Moreover, it will even let you monitor your cooktop and oven remotely during the cooking process, through connectivity with all devices in the home, bringing a great change to the kitchen experience.


As such, we are convinced that TVs and refrigerators with IoT technology will improve the quality of life for all consumers.


When things communicate with each other, and more so when things communicate with people based on the IoT, unimaginable value will be created.


Q: Samsung emphasizes the IoT in daily life. How does Samsung plan to make this happen?


BK Yoon: Samsung introduced innovative IoT technologies to the products that consumers use frequently and feel familiar with: TVs and refrigerators.


For instance, Samsung unveiled SUHD TVs as an IoT hub at CES 2016. Connected with IP cameras, the TV can be used to monitor activities inside and outside your home. Additionally, you can easily adjust your home’s lighting and AV devices to suit your TV content.


Meanwhile, the Family Hub Refrigerator is equipped with a 21.5-inch touchscreen on the exterior of one door to allow you to access useful information for food storage, communicate with family members and enjoy entertaining content.


Building on this momentum, Samsung plans to take the lead in the age of IoT by connecting all home appliances by 2020. As a result, it will help consumers to lead enjoyable everyday lives.


Q. Technological compatibility, not just among Samsung devices but also with other manufacturers’ devices, is critical to the IoT. What strategy does Samsung have to address that matter?


BK Yoon: Samsung employs an open platform strategy. By adopting an open platform, we promote compatibility even with products made by other companies, so that all devices around the world can be interconnected.


Q. What is the strategy of Samsung for the TV business in 2016?


BK Yoon: Samsung’s TV business has been number one for the last 10 years. Building upon this achievement, we will continue our efforts to deliver premium products, differentiate design, create special user experiences and offer greater content.


This year, we will keep our leadership position in the TV market with second-generation Quantum dot technology that enhances the color gamut by more than 20 percent. We will also release premium design TVs that are more than just a product, but also a timeless objet d’art.


Along with that, a new UX will be introduced to upgrade content accessibility and experience.


Q. What is the strategy for digital appliances in 2016?


BK Yoon: This year, Samsung will continue its endeavor to make products that satisfy consumers through thoughtful innovation that cares about consumers, along with more active marketing initiatives.


In the high-end segment, Samsung will solidify its leadership position in the global market with premium products that fulfill the needs of consumers. Meanwhile, in the mid-tier segment, we will launch region-specific products. We will also double our efforts in the B2B system air-conditioning products market.


Samsung has maintained the number one position for the last four years in the global refrigerator market. In the washing machine market, we have been introducing innovative products, such as the front load washer with Samsung AddWash and the Samsung activ dualwash top load washer.


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