[Interview] How ‘Kingdom’ Director Seong-hun Kim Uses the Samsung Galaxy Book4 for Filmmaking

on April 12, 2024
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In a scene from the Galaxy Book4 campaign video, Seong-hun Kim, director of Netflix’s first original Korean series “Kingdom,” adjusts details of the set’s composition with the help of the Samsung Galaxy Book4. Using the laptop’s AI technology, he settles on an ideal shape as his crew looks on in fascination before taking to their stations to resume filming.


Samsung Electronics recently released two videos that showcase the outstanding performance and connectivity of the Galaxy Book4 series. The videos feature Seong-hun Kim, who has directed TV series and films such as “Kingdom” and “Ransomed,” and Konsta Punkka, a Finnish wildlife photographer. Both artists show how the Galaxy Book4 series frees them to focus on art.


Samsung Newsroom sat down with Seong-hun Kim to learn how he utilizes the Galaxy Book4 in his productions and workflow.




Q. In the video, you demonstrate multitasking with the Galaxy Book4 series’ AI features — summarizing a meeting in one moment and responding to requests from the art team in the next. How did you feel about using all these new features during filming?


▲ Seong-hun Kim, the director of “Kingdom” and “Ransomed”


In the past, I would work on my laptop at home or from a hotel to improve the script and prepare for the day’s production — before switching to a more portable device on set. When I connected the Galaxy Book4 Pro to my tablet and smartphone, I was blown away since it felt like I now had a single device. I could hardly believe the seamless integration, allowing me to control everything from one device, and the user-friendly interface, fitting my needs for every situation.



Q. What advantages does the connected experience of the Galaxy Book4 series offer on a movie set?


While filming the movie “Ransomed,” the location scouting team had been using smartphones to take photos around Morocco. Due to the poor internet connection, it wasn’t easy for the crew to upload and share their photos. In addition, we had trouble connecting the smartphones to monitors due to equipment compatibility issues. We ended up wasting so much time and had to endure long periods of waiting.


▲ “Ransomed” movie set in Morocco


In places with unreliable internet service, it can take forever to share data across devices. However, the Galaxy Book4 can be seamlessly used with multiple devices as long as they’re on the same network. They can basically function as a single device for one cohesive and streamlined workflow. For example, I can go to the top of a mountain and shoot images with my smartphone — and then take out my Galaxy Book4 to edit the details. After that, I can immediately share the images with my crew to help them understand the direction of the scene.



Q. What do you usually look for in a laptop? What were your first impressions of the Galaxy Book4 series?


I mainly use my laptop to work on scripts and documents and for simple editing. But honestly, the first thing I look at in a laptop is the design. When I unboxed the Galaxy Book4 with my family, we were shocked by how beautiful it is — plus, it’s portable and just the right size for watching videos. I thought it managed to balance all those points sublimely.


With my new laptop, I immediately imported some high-quality footage I shot with my Galaxy S24 Ultra and started editing. I was very pleased to see that there was no noticeable loss in picture quality, and the laptop’s high-definition display made the visuals look even better. The display is also a touch screen which is completely new to me.



Q. It’s important to communicate new ideas to your crew. How does the Galaxy Book4 series help?


The longer I work in this industry, the more I realize how much diversity of thought there is — that’s why you have to value respect and be willing to listen to every individual you work with. No matter how smart the director is, there are limits to one person’s imagination. Sharing ideas with the crew is the perfect way to brainstorm. You discover so many things just by bouncing ideas off of other people.


▲ One of the Galaxy Book4 campaign videos


The Galaxy Book4 Pro is a centralized system that integrates various devices, facilitates communication and saves time. I would organize information after meetings and improve workflow efficiency using Note Assist, one of Galaxy AI features. The Second Screen feature was invaluable when sharing materials with others on an extended display during meetings.



Q. Are there any features of the Galaxy Book4 series that you plan to utilize in filmmaking?


On set, there’s a script supervisor who makes sure the actors stick to their lines and marks any changes to the script. Usually, the script supervisor takes notes by hand — which can be time consuming and lead to errors. Since the Galaxy S24 series’ Transcript Assist feature is also available on the Galaxy Book4 Pro, we can produce a full script for each actor on site. The script supervisor can simply record the lines and edit them on the fly, saving time and effort.


▲ Director Seong-hun Kim speaks about his experience using the Galaxy Book4 series.



Q. Which type of professional will find the Galaxy Book4 series most useful?


I highly recommend the Galaxy Book4 to video editors who often edit footage on set, next to the director — they make sure all the footage is shot according to the storyboard and that the lighting and acting match what the director had in mind. With the connectivity and compatibility that the Galaxy Book4 series offers, they can start editing the moment a scene is filmed. Furthermore, the Second Screen feature allows directors and editors to compare two different takes side by side.


Sometimes editing must be done outdoors or on brightly lit sets, where it’s difficult to see the footage clearly. The Galaxy Book4 series’ display has superb visibility with low-light reflection, so I’ve been able to edit footage in any environment.



Q. How can the Galaxy Book4 series evolve going forward?


The biggest question for people when buying a laptop boils down to size. Do I want a light 14-inch laptop or a big 16-inch laptop? It’s a classic dilemma, isn’t it? Imagine a laptop that can expand from 14 to 16 inches. I would be thrilled to have a Galaxy Book with that kind of flexibility — lightweight and compact for on-the-go use, yet capable of freely changing shape and size for more involved tasks.



With its eye-catching design, lightweight build and outstanding performance, the Galaxy Book4 series aims to become a useful tool for professionals in film and TV production. Samsung Newsroom looks forward to director Seong-hun Kim’s next work as he prepares to embark on a new project.

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