Kids Get Creative with Coding Class Trip in Germany

on August 24, 2018
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  • In spring and summer 2018, Samsung Electronics Germany (SEG) ran a series of Coding Class Trips in collaboration with the Technology Foundation Berlin
  • School classes from all over Germany applied for the program by submitting their ideas for workshops, six of which were selected for the pilot project
  • The idea is to use these field trips as the students’ first serious interaction with coding in order to spark interest, give programming real-world context and transfer it into the school environment


With the digital revolution in full swing, how should we prepare for a digital future and decide what form should it take? One aspect is education. Preparing the next generation requires helping them understand everyday technologies and learn the skills to use technologies to their advantages. While coding is regarded as a necessity for a basic understanding of the digital world, teachers often lack the time and materials required to do this. That’s why Samsung Electronics and Technology Foundation Berlin created Coding Class Trips.


As part of the workshops on their field trips the kids received a “Samsung Code Week Box” which contained coding equipment


During the six pilot workshops, children were given time to explore coding and to learn programming through real-world problems. For example, during one Class Trip to Usedom on the Baltic Sea, the children investigated the impact of waste on the environment. They built weather-sensitive robots from recycled products which could swim, dive and avoid obstacles.


Students from Berlin WIR Elementary School testing their swimming robot in the Baltic Sea


On another trip to the North Sea island of Wangerooge, the main topic was renewable energy. Children experimented by building their own windmills out of plastic bottles and so were able to combine their first coding experience with a major socio-political issue.


On the North Sea island of Wangerooge, the children built small windmills from plastic bottles


By putting children’s first coding experience into a specific context, Samsung Electronics Germany and Technology Foundation Berlin have created a unique project that will inspire the younger generation to discover the potential of digital technologies in the long-term.


“The Coding Class Trips offer a terrific opportunity for students to get out of the classroom, get motivated to learn coding, and get creative through problem solving and encountering new technologies and skills,” explains Steffen Ganders, Director of Corporate Affairs, Samsung Electronics Germany. “At Samsung, we are committed to the future of digital education. Our project is a paradigm for a new education culture and highlights that learning should not be limited to the classroom.”


For more information on what happened in the Coding Class Trips, please visit the social hub site here.




Youtuber RobBubble joined the Coding Class Trip to Wangerooge



Additional Images

Kids on the Coding Class Trip in Dresden programmed their own sensor Olympic Games


The class from Wedding School Berlin proudly present the robot, which can move, play music, shine light from his eyes and has a sound-controlled abdominal valve that can be used as a storage space

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