Samsung Opens its Smart Schools in the Zaatari Refugee Camp

on September 19, 2017
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In response to the needs of children around the world to access high quality digital education, Samsung Electronics Levant has partnered with Relief International to open two smart schools for Syrian students in the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan.



While a considerable proportion of the students at the refugee camp attend schools established by the Jordanian government, there are many who receive no formal schooling. The situation of these out-of-school children strikes at the heart of Samsung’s goals to provide equal opportunities in education to underserved communities and easier access to information and technology.


Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the smart schools offer students an engaging and creative approach to learning. The interactive learning environments give students the chance to learn about a variety of technology-related topics which will help them unleash their potential and creativity, including modern languages, social media, photography, filmmaking, art and painting.



The two smart schools are housed within Makani centers, which offer alternative education opportunities to those aged between 5 and 24. Founded by UNICEF, Makani centers emphasize a holistic approach for Syrian children and youths who have struggled with formal education in Jordan, offering learning opportunities, psychosocial support services and life skills training. By reengaging students in their education, Makani centers can provide a bridge back to formal education.


Changsup Lee, Samsung Electronics Levant President remarked, “We have a duty as part of the local community to help improve access to education in the Zaatari Camp. Though considerable effort has already been made to improve education in the Zaatari Camp, there is more work to be done and we are excited for the partnership with Relief International. These fully equipped smart schools will provide them with an engaging educational environment, allowing them to develop valuable life skills, which will ultimately broaden their knowledge and understanding.”


“At Samsung, we believe in what technology can achieve. Technology is a source of inspiration for those kids who need to build a brighter future. The ability to innovate is a valuable tool in building a normal life and will prepare them for a better, more hopeful future.”



“We have already seen children who were disinterested in formal schooling become highly engaged in creative and meaningful projects. Based on that enthusiasm, many have found the desire to further their formal schooling as well, realizing that gives them tools to achieve their dreams,” noted Nancy Wilson, CEO of Relief International. “These smart schools will provide very powerful tools for them to be creative in more ways, increase their collaboration and strive for even bigger dreams. We are proud to be partnering with Samsung on this leadership initiative.”


Established in 2013, Samsung’s Smart School program equips classrooms in underserved communities with cutting-edge educational tools – such as PCs, tablets and electronic blackboards – to create interactive learning environments that allow students to truly thrive. As of this writing, a total of over 3,000 Smart Schools are up and running in over 90 countries around the globe.

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