Performance Meets Affordability; Hands-on with the Galaxy A90 5G

on December 12, 2019
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For those who prioritize affordability when choosing a smartphone, a device from the Galaxy A series is likely to be an optimal choice. In particular, the Galaxy A90 5G – the first smartphone from the A series with 5G connectivity – includes essential features that are on par with those offered by high-spec flagship models, all at a reasonable price.


Samsung Newsroom reviewed the Galaxy A90 5G to find out exactly how it has been optimized for creating and enjoying content on the 5G network.



#1 5G: Next-level Speed and Optimization

Rapid video downloads at your fingertips


The Galaxy A90 5G’s stand-out feature is its ability to harness the power of 5G. From downloading music to streaming movies and playing high-performance video games, the Galaxy A90 5G utilizes the ultra-high-speed data transmission of 5G to allow you to enjoy media quickly and conveniently. You can download a high definition movie in a flash and get immersed in AR and VR with 5G’s rapid connection speeds.


The 5G network has the added advantage of offering ’ultra-low latency’, which permits users to enjoy content seamlessly and on demand, without delay. This kind of feature is optimal for situations such as when users are playing games through Samsung’s 5G game streaming service, ‘Hatch’, which affords direct access to cloud gaming servers. The Galaxy A90 5G’s network capabilities enable rapid transmission speeds and low latency, meaning that, even when playing games with constant manipulation and character interaction, users can enjoy fluid gameplay without having to worry about latency problems, manipulation issues or disconnections.



#2 Performance: Storage, Usability and Battery


The Galaxy A90 5G features an Octa-core 7nm processor, 6GB RAM and 128GB of basic storage, which can be increased up to 640GB. Such specifications demonstrate that the Galaxy A90 5G is competitive with a number of flagship models.



The combination of the latest Snapdragon 855 chipset and the AI-based Game Booster adds to the Galaxy A90 5G’s power. The Game Booster function optimizes gameplay by applying knowledge learned from user habits to balance battery usage, performance and the device’s temperature. Users can additionally check their device’s status at any time by clicking an icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen while in-game. This interface tells you how many hours of gameplay you have left according to your battery life, and additionally allows you to increase your battery life via features that include temperature control and memory monitoring.


Not only does the Galaxy A90 5G offer users reliable, smart performance, it also comes with long-lasting battery life. The Galaxy A90 5G has a high-capacity, 4,500mAh battery to empower users to create and enjoy content all day long. What’s more, a 25W Super Fast charger that significantly reduces charging times is included in the box.



#3 Camera: The Time and Place for the Professional-quality Camera

Thanks to today’s advanced camera technologies, there are a thousand different ways users can document their experiences, and the Galaxy A90 5G’s triple rear camera proves a valuable tool in doing so. The 48 MP Main Rear Camera allows you to take clear, high-quality images, while the Ultra Wide Camera with its 123˚ lens lets you capture more of the world around you. The Galaxy A90 5G also features Night Mode, as well as a Depth Camera that lets you adjust photo depth, resulting in more natural Live Focus photos and videos.


You can make recordings of your current screen that also feature your face and voice by using the button in the top right


The Galaxy A90 5G has another special feature that is good for sharing useful information. Using the ‘Screen recorder’ function, users can make use of their selfie camera to feature their face and voice in screen recording videos. This feature can come in handy in all manner of situations, from explaining to a friend how to purchase a concert ticket online to demonstrating how to play a game. The Galaxy A90 5G is also equipped with AR Doodle, which lets you draw dynamic pictures on photographs, allowing you to use your surroundings and images like a sketchbook.



#4 Design: Earn Plaudits with Trendy ‘Checkered’ Pattern

The design on the back of the Galaxy A90 5G changes color depending on the angle you hold it at


The Galaxy A90 5G also draws attention for the unique geometric pattern on its back. The phone’s back cover has been designed with differently colored squares and rectangles that change color when you hold the phone at different angles, providing a refined look. The device is available in two classic color options – black and white.



Along with having a design comprised of slim, smooth curvatures, the Galaxy A90 5G is designed to be easy to grip in one hand, even with its dimensions of 164.8 X 76.4 X 8.4mm. The side buttons that control volume, operate Bixby and turn the phone on and off are aligned on the right hand side of the phone to make operation simpler and save the user from having to switch their grip back and forth. The device’s immersive 6.7” Infinity-U Full HD+ display with 1080 X 2400 resolution is the largest in the A series, ensuring that you truly get the most out of your multimedia content.

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