[Photo News] Experiencing the Innovation of Samsung’s Latest Bespoke Lineup at CES 2023

on January 6, 2023
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This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s largest consumer electronics and information technology exhibition, is just getting started in the vibrant city of Las Vegas.


In order to provide partners, media and consumers alike with a truly hands-on look at the company’s latest Bespoke Home innovations, Samsung Electronics is putting on a dedicated showcase in order to kick off CES 2023 in style.


The Bespoke Home 2023 lineup of home appliance products combines cutting-edge technologies with true aesthetic customization to meet any user’s preferences, setting a new standard for personalized, smart home living. At Samsung’s showcase, visitors are able to learn more about the interconnectivity of the latest lineup at the BESPOKE Home zone and experience a fully integrated device and appliance home system using IoT solutions in the SmartThings Home zone. Visitors can also view personalized kitchen concepts in the MyBespoke zone, showcasing a variety of Bespoke refrigerators with widely customizable panels, and can catch a glimpse of the latest products available in Latin America in the Latin America line-ups zone.


Read on for a detailed look at Samsung’s Bespoke Home Private Showcase at CES 2023, where the company is presenting visitors with the very latest in home appliance innovation.


▲ Samsung has introduced its Bespoke Home Private Showcase at CES 2023 held in Las Vegas. In the BESPOKE Home zone, visitors can see and experience the lineup of Bespoke home appliances up close.


▲ Users view a modern, revamped kitchen concept in the BESPOKE Home zone.


▲ The new Bespoke 4-Door Flex™ Refrigerator with Family Hub™+, offered on a 32-inch, bezel-less FHD screen with more than double the screen area of the previous model, has been upgraded to allow users to view videos, photos and artworks more vividly.


▲ Visitors experience the new Bespoke 4-Door Flex™ Refrigerator with Family Hub™+.


▲ All home appliances such as Family Hub™+ refrigerator and washer are connected through SmartThings. People can monitor and control connections between devices on the Family Hub™+ refrigerator.


▲ Bespoke refrigerators provide customized experiences with personalized panel designs, colors and materials according to users’ preferences. In the MyBespoke zone, visitors can take a peek at the various unique panel designs of Bespoke refrigerators, including the limited edition Bespoke Disney Collection that features characters loved by people around the world.


▲ Samsung’s MyBespoke service was showcased at the event. The service allows users to change the design of their fridges’ panels by uploading family photos or favorite artworks using their smartphones.


▲ Visitors try using the MyBespoke service, allowing them to display photos on the Bespoke refrigerator panel from their smartphone.


▲ The Auto Open Door function, featured on the Bespoke Side-by-Side refrigerator, opens automatically upon touching the door sensor, allowing you to easily open the door when you are cooking or holding ingredients.


▲ Visitors listen and experience the Auto Open Door in the zone.


▲ The Beverage Center™ in the Bespoke refrigerator is equipped with an AutoFill Water Pitcher that automatically fills and holds up to 1.4 liters of water and a Plumbing Water Dispenser that provides cold, refreshing water on demand. The Autofill Water Pitcher also comes with an Infuser, providing users with naturally flavored water or tea at any time.


▲ The Bespoke AI™ Washer with AI OptiWash™ automatically adjusts the amount of water and detergent inside the drum while also adjusting the soaking, rinsing and spinning times continually during the cycle. The function also detects the softness of the fabric and the level of soiling in each load, providing perfectly clean laundry every time.


▲ In the Latin America Line-ups zone, various home appliances, such as Bespoke AI washer and dryer and Bespoke Jet™ available in the region, were on display.


▲ Global partners view various Bespoke home appliances at the Bespoke Home Private Showcase, ahead of the openings of CES 2023.

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