[Photo] Samsung Networks Booth Showcases the Power and Possibilities of Connectivity at MWC 2016

on February 24, 2016
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The implementation of 5G as a viable alternative to wired broadband is one of the major focus area for Samsung, particularly in urban and suburban areas where fibre drops to the home or office would be a barrier to subscription.


As the digital age moves from individual devices to expansive digital networks, the Samsung Networks Booth at MWC 2016 explores the power and possibilities of connectivity. Through its display of its 4G LTE and advanced mobile technologies and solutions that will both pave the way towards the 5G era, and fulfill the potential to create a more sustainable future, Samsung is demonstrating its commitment toward developing innovations that push beyond today’s existing technologies.


In a demonstration of the potential capabilities of 5G technology, Samsung shows how eight members of a musical group can each transmit a separate 4K Ultra High-Definition video over the air without delay and synchronizes perfect harmony.


Thanks to the seamless mobility, higher throughput and low latency of 5G technology, new services like hologram calls, live virtual reality broadcasting and self-driving cars will soon enrich our lives.


Samsung showcases the world’s first mobile handover test using the mmWave radio system and hand-held smartphone with multiple antenna modules integrated.


Samsung introduced an end-to-end solution from chipsets, devices to radio access networks (RAN).



To address challenges operators face to efficiently manage heterogeneous networks(Smallcell/Macrocell, Licensed/Unlicensed, 3GPP/Non-3GPP), Samsung offers a range of new solutions that effectively utilize multiple links, including Inter-site Carrier Aggregation, LTE-Unlicensed (LTE-U) Small Cell; LTE & Wifi Aggregation; and Smart Multi-link & Unified Cloud.


As the amount of data services and smartphone devices dramatically increases, more spectrum is required to accommodate fast growing data traffic and help ensure a great user experience. LTE in Unlicensed spectrum includes a key family of technologies that allows aggregation of licensed and unlicensed spectrum bands to efficiently and timely increase network capacity and speed.



The Samsung LTE-U eFemto cell is designed to enable plug-and-play deployments with easier installation and a high capacity for enterprises. A single small cell unit can support three carriers of 20 MHz each, across both licensed and unlicensed spectrum, offering a peak download throughput up to 450Mbps.



The key lineup of Samsung’s IoT solutions include IoT Core, Gateways and various radio access solutions such as a standalone IoT base station, IoT integrated Digital Unit (DU) and LoRa based Unlicensed Low Power Wide Area (LPWA).


PS-LTE enables more effective communication by sharing precise emergency information in the form of real-time video streaming and high quality images.


Samsung’s PS-LTE network is the first in the world to be commercialized using the 3GPP telecommunications standard.


All of these latest technologies and solutions will be exhibited at the Samsung booth (Exhibit Hall 2 Stand 2M10) during Mobile World Congress 2016 from February 22-25 in Barcelona. To find more images of Samsung’s exhibition at the MWC 2016, please visit Samsung Newsroom Flickr.

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