Samsung Breathes New Life into Emojis with the Galaxy S9/S9+

on April 20, 2018
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Few things capture the way we think and feel like the memes, GIFs and silly emojis; all of these have transformed the way we communicate and turned us into visual storytellers. With over 5 billion emojis sent every day, now more than ever we are telling our stories through images and illustrations, rather than talk or text.


Samsung has embraced this transformation in Galaxy S9/S9+ with a touch of Disney magic and GIPHY fun. With the roll-out of these all-new AR Emojis – and a range of other new messaging innovations – the Galaxy S9/S9+ makes chatting with friends more fun than ever before. Along with improved hardware, the AR Emojis have turned the camera into a dashboard that makes creating and remixing your shareable moments even easier.




Bring Disney Magic to Life

Have you ever wanted to meet the most famous mouse in the world? Samsung’s latest partnership with Disney is bringing your favorite characters to life with an all-new set of Disney-themed AR Emojis.



Users can now use Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, or Donald Duck AR Emojis by downloading the Disney characters from their camera and hitting record. The new Disney characters add to the variety of AR Emojis already available including your own personal My Emoji avatar and other cartoon characters.


AR Emojis use deep learning and facial recognition technology to map more than 100 facial features to produce a 3D replica, allowing users to create fun, customized messages to send to friends. So, whether you want to make your friends laugh as a silly rabbit, or tell them you love them as Mickey Mouse, there are more options than ever before on the Galaxy S9/S9+. Samsung and Disney plan to continue releasing more classic characters throughout the year, including favorites from The Incredibles, Frozen, and Zootopia.



Share More, Share Easier

Nothing captures a sarcastic quip or reaction like a good emoji or GIF. In fact, they are so good at capturing our emotions we send over 1 billion GIFs every day. With the Galaxy S9/S9+, Samsung has made them more customizable and shareable than ever before. The My Emoji feature automatically generates 18 emotions and saves them as custom stickers that are easily accessible from your Samsung Keyboard, along with other pre-loaded emojis and stickers. For now, there are 18 different custom stickers, but new updates will bring the total to 54. Since they use the AGIF format, you can share them with anyone, no matter what kind of smartphone they have.

Third-party applications also support My Emoji stickers through use of the Samsung Keyboard, so no matter the platform you use, you can send any of your custom emojis to friends and family. Besides the wide variety AR Emoji brings to your chats, Samsung has partnered with GIPHY so that sending your GIFs is even easier. So, if you’re just chatting with friends, or making a sarcastic quip to mom and dad, now you can send GIFs right from your Samsung Keyboard.



The new Samsung Keyboard features 30 categories of GIFs to choose from including happy, fun, thumbs up, and OMG. Whether you’re sassy, silly, or sarcastic, there is a GIF for you.



Choose from More Emojis Than Ever

While the Face with Tears of Joy may have captured the comedic highs and tragic lows of a generation, the time to update our emoji repertoire has come. Samsung has answered that call by adding more than 200 new emojis to the Samsung Keyboard.



In addition to the new emojis, Samsung has also opted for a redesign of the classic icons already available.


Whether you want to cheer up a friend, say “hello” to mom, or reach out to a lost connection, the Galaxy S9/S9+ brings you a plethora of options to express yourself, proving once again that it is built for the way we communicate today.

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