Samsung Delivers Stunning Picture, Sound and Smart Features with ‘The Premiere’ Lifestyle Projector

on October 7, 2020
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As the home environment has continued to develop and grow in significance for the everyday consumer, the range of content consumption offerings in the home must continue to expand as well. Thus, with the home television increasingly becoming an entertainment hub, source for keeping up with current events, fitness partner and much more, Samsung has kept expanding its industry-leading lifestyle offerings to ensure that users can access all the features they need without compromising on aesthetics.



The Premiere, announced on September 2, is Samsung’s newest ultra-short throw projector.1 Underpinned by Samsung’s unique TV technology expertise, the new solution delivers 4K picture quality, space-filling sound, a refined design and a host of new smart features to make the viewing experience a scintillating pleasure. Needing to be placed only 11.3cm away from the wall or screen, The Premiere projects a screen of between 100 and 130 inches to take high-quality viewing to the next level. Below, we look into the innovative features offered by Samsung’s newest addition to its lifestyle TV line-up to find out just how it is serving to elevate the user experience.




Great Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Immersion is the name of the game when it comes to the remarkable picture quality offered by The Premiere. Equipped with cutting-edge Triple Laser2 technology, The Premiere delivers outstanding picture quality and brightness, providing the user with an effective in-home cinema viewing experience. In addition to supporting 4K picture resolution, The Premiere is the world’s first HDR10+ certified projector.



As far as color, The Premiere’s RGB Triple Laser uses the foundational elements of color – red (R), green (G), and blue (B), to deliver true, vibrant tones. The projector also covers 106% of BT.2020, a standard that measures how much color can be represented and establishes the widest display color gamut (147% of the DCI-P3 color gamut). With a ground-breaking contrast range that tops out at 2,800 ANSI lumens of brightness, now users can experience vivid light and dark scenes on a screen of up to 130 inches in size, all in the comfort of their own homes.




Permeate Your Room With Sound

But what would exceptional picture quality be without potent, impactful sound to underpin it? Equipped with 40W3 of premium, room-filling sound, The Premiere features 4.2 channel sound with speakers and woofers built right into the projector, removing the need for users to clutter their space with additional sound equipment. What’s more, the surround sound offered by The Premiere is empowered with Acoustic Beam technology, which maximizes left and right-side sound delivery for a truly immersive audio experience.




Designed To Complete Your Space

The days of installing complex, unaesthetic components in your spaces are coming to an end. In The Premiere, Samsung has combined its one-of-a-kind viewing technology with its award-winning lifestyle product portfolio to deliver a solution that offers both genre-defining performance and sleek, attractive design.


Boasting a minimalist white design, rounded edges and an aesthetically pleasing fabric finish, The Premiere is ready to serve as the centerpiece for your home. In addition to its appealing look, The Premiere remains compact and unobtrusive, with its ultra-short throw capabilities meaning that it can be placed right in front of the wall without the need for disruptive placement elsewhere in the room. Requiring no complex installation and proving a match for changing lifestyle and interior décor trends, The Premiere harmonizes your space and serves to add to the aesthetic value of your room.



A Comprehensive Smart TV Experience

The Premiere projector doesn’t ask you to compromise on services or connectivity either. Compatible with multiple voice assistants and providing access to the Samsung Smart TV UI, The Premiere provides a full smart TV experience with access to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and more.


What’s more, Samsung’s newest projector provides the same mobile connectivity options as the company’s smart TV range as well, offering features such as ‘Tap View’ and among others.


The Premiere offers gamers a fantastic experience too, providing all of its picture and sound benefits in addition to lower input lag to ensure that gamers can get fully absorbed in high-quality gameplay. With an expansive range of smart and highly capable features, The Premiere ensures that users of all kinds never have to compromise again.



Outstanding picture, sound and usability, all in an attractive package that sets off your room ­­– Samsung delivers it all in The Premiere. And now, with Samsung’s all-in-one projector offering all of the features and usability of the company’s acclaimed Smart TV platform, users are ready to bring cinema-like viewing to life without ever having to leave home.



1 The Premiere is available in LSP9T and LSP7T models and the feature may vary by models.

2 Available on LSP9T model

3 Available on LSP9T model

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