Samsung Electronics Launches Samsung’s First EU Energy “A” Rating Energy-Efficient Extra Wide Bottom Mount Freezer

on April 3, 2024
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The new Extra Wide Bottom Mount Freezer, RB6000D, will bring the energy efficient experience thanks to its new AI Inverter Compressor, along with AI Energy Mode and the enhanced capacity


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced the launch of its new energy-efficient Extra Wide Bottom Mount Freezer1 in Europe. The refrigerator was unveiled at ‘Welcome to BESPOKE AI’, a global launch event held at les Pavillon des Étangs in Paris on April 3. It achieves a high energy rating as a product itself, while its Wi-Fi capabilities allow for even further energy savings with SmartThings Energy.


“In response to the reality that energy efficiency is more important to consumers than ever, Samsung is launching a new model for the modern era,” said Moohyung Lee, EVP and Head of the Customer Experience Team of Digital Appliances (DA) Business at Samsung Electronics. “Through our considerable R&D efforts, we’ve been able to provide energy-saving opportunities in addition to the Samsung quality and features that global consumers appreciate. We’re confident that users would take advantages of Samsung’s new refrigerator in their day-to-day lives.”


Notably, the refrigerator has received an energy “A” rating according to EU energy standards, which is for the first time in Samsung’s extra wide bottom mount freezer type. Samsung implements its unique solutions to decrease energy consumption by 55.9% compared to the conventional model.2 Especially the new AI Inverter Compressor3 is a key part to achieve an A grade according to EU energy standards.


The new high-efficient AI Inverter Compressor has been redesigned to increase the radius of the rotating parts which enables its inertia to be higher than the conventional compressor4 by 4.1 times. It means that the compressor can keep the power longer, so it uses less energy while keeping the temperature in the fridge moderate. The compressor also contributes to lowering the noise level by up to 5 times quieter than the conventional model5 thanks to the new control technology.


Additionally, the Extra Wide Bottom Mount Freezer supports the energy saving mode in SmartThings Energy6 which can reduce energy use by up to 15%.7 The SmartThings AI Energy Mode also allows users to easily check daily, weekly and monthly power consumption, and it even estimates monthly electric bills. If usage exceeds the established estimate, the mode can also proactively save energy.8 Furthermore, it can optimize the compressor speed and defrost cycle frequency, based on usage and surroundings, ensuring that users can enjoy fresher food items for longer.


Samsung also made the model to be competitive both in capacity and design as well. To enhance the capacity benefits of having a refrigerator with a wider width than common type, Samsung applies SpaceMax™ technology which has been the heritage of Samsung refrigerator. The fridge makes use of thin walls and efficient insulation to increase the storage volume while maintaining consistent temperatures. The extra storage space does not impact the exterior of the refrigerator, either, as the relatively compact size creates more room in users’ homes.



Apart from its performance and storage capabilities, the refrigerator brings a sleek design that makes it a great aesthetic fit for modern homes. It boasts a fully flat door and a recessed handle that grants the refrigerator a harmonious aesthetic. The Gentle Lighting controls brightness and prevents glare as well.



The energy-efficient Extra Wide Bottom Mount Freezer will be available in three capacity variants (538L, 508L and 458L) depending on the region, launching in Europe, CIS, the Middle East, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Canada and Africa.


The refrigerator is expected to be available from April in Europe and other regions sequentially.


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1 Stands for a large capacity bottom mount freezer (“BMF”) refrigerator with a width of 70cm or more. Referred to as Extra Wide Fridge Freezer in Europe.
2 Compared to RL435EFBAS8/EF model.
3 Wi-Fi connection and SmartThings app required to enable AI Energy mode.
4 Based on internal testing compared to conventional S3 Samsung compressors.
5 Based on internal testing, in accordance with the IEC 60704.
6 Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required.
7 The test results are based on a comparison of the factory setting temperature when using AI Energy mode and without using AI Energy mode. Results may vary depending on the usage conditions and patterns.
8 SmartThings will display a notification before activating the saving algorithm in both ‘Maximum mode’ and ‘Custom mode.’

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