Samsung Executives Provide Need-to-Know Insights Into the New Galaxy Book Series

on April 29, 2021
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April 28’s Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021 event is now over, opening the door for a new era of mobile computing, bringing together powerful performance with mobility and connectivity.


Featuring vivid AMOLED displays, enhanced Galaxy ecosystem and an ultra-portable design, the all-new Galaxy Book series have been designed to let users maximize all their experiences, from productivity to entertainment. In order to provide even more information on the Galaxy Book series, Samsung Newsroom asked the company’s executives for some extra insight.




Q: What is Samsung’s business strategy for its PC business?

Response by TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile Communications Business


“As a result of the unprecedented changes that we experienced last year, the PC became woven into the fabric of everyday life. Accordingly, device expectations have risen, and today’s mobile-first users are seeking the same level of convenience and seamless user experiences with their PCs as is provided by their smartphones.


We believe that Samsung is uniquely positioned to lead. Our mobile leadership and unique DNA have been injected into everything we design in order to provide new mobile computing experiences. Today, the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem expands yet again with a brand-new mobile computing portfolio—where smartphones and PCs work together flawlessly across operating systems, while never sacrificing portability.


To design this seamless experience, Samsung worked closely with leading partners including Intel and Microsoft. We all have the shared goal of providing more connected experiences to our users in order to realize a digital ecosystem that maximizes productivity and continuity.


With all of our mobile innovations within the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem, we aim to shape a new mobile computing experience, ultimately positioning Samsung as a leading innovator in the PC market.”



Q: How does the Galaxy Book series fit into Samsung Galaxy ecosystem?

Response by Patrick Chomet, EVP and Head of Customer Experience Office, Mobile Communications Business


“In designing the Galaxy Book series, we looked across our entire mobile portfolio—from earbuds and Internet of Things (IoT) devices to tablets and smartphones—in search of ways for your devices to work together to help you do more.


The Galaxy Book Pro series expands the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem, keeping you connected to all your devices and ensuring you never need to interrupt your workflow. From the Link to Windows (Microsoft Your Phone) feature to a unified Samsung Notes experience —featuring PDF annotation, voice recording, and auto-syncing— you can enjoy more connected experiences across your mobile devices and Galaxy Book.


With Easy Bluetooth connection, your Galaxy earbuds automatically toggle between your Galaxy Book and smartphone as you switch tasks, while Second screen allows you to expand your Galaxy Book’s workspace onto your tablet. The Galaxy Book series works together seamlessly with the broader Samsung Galaxy ecosystem, so you’re prepared for whatever task comes your way.”




Q: What is the strength of all-new Galaxy Book Pro series?

Response by Woncheol Chai, SVP and Head of Product Planning Team, Mobile Communications Business


“Galaxy Book Pro 360 and Galaxy Book Pro combine the mobility, connectivity and continuity of a smartphone with the performance users expect from a PC to deliver a seamless mobile computing powerhouse experience like no other. With the Galaxy Book Pro series, users can continue to enjoy their favorite Android apps on a Windows PC. With Galaxy Book Pro 360, users can even benefit from a touchscreen and an S Pen for their creative work.



Galaxy Book users can take their devices everywhere thanks to the lineup’s ultra-thin and light designs, while seamless connection to the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem allows users to easily sync with their Galaxy devices. Furthermore, since the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem provides continuity across multiple operating systems by combining the best of them, users can enjoy seamless, unified experience.


We like to think of the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem as offering something new for today’s modern life and routines rather than competing with existing offerings.”



Q: Does the thinness of these devices sacrifice performance?

Response by Hark-Sang Kim, SVP and Head of Visual R&D Team, Mobile Communications Business


“No, in fact the next generation of Galaxy Books provide a boost in performance in every way. Our engineering teams thought through every step of developing and designing devices that are both thin and light and also maximize performance. Based on thermal circulation simulation technologies, we redesigned the fan systems from the ground up to provide better cooling in a smaller package. Thanks to our partnership with Intel, we were able to co-engineer an ultra-thin and light design while never sacrificing the performance of these Evo-certified devices.”




Q: How is Samsung collaborating with Microsoft and Intel on the Galaxy Book and what is the long-term goal of these partnerships?

Response by Patrick Chomet


“We have always believed that the best innovations happen through teamwork. The Galaxy Book series is tailor-made for today’s multi-device world, backed by a vast ecosystem of connected devices and services that elevate your productivity, creativity, performance and entertainment. To realize this, we have embraced open collaboration with Microsoft and Intel to create fully optimized, powerful Galaxy Books that provide continuity across different operating systems and connect with all your devices inside the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem seamlessly.


With Microsoft, we’ve linked PC and smartphone experiences by allowing users to access multiple Android mobile apps simultaneously on their Windows PC. Intel has leveraged five decades of hardware experience to optimize processors around the needs of our users, meaning that your device is ready for any task, at any time, in any place. Together, we’re building a new approach to mobile computing, where smartphones and PCs work together flawlessly across operating systems, and never sacrifice performance nor portability.”


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