Samsung Harmonizes with Sydney Opera House to Open Interactive LED Lounge

on December 22, 2016
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Thanks to a partnership with Samsung Electronics, visitors to the Sydney Opera House may now enjoy access to unique artistic and cultural content illuminating the legendary venue’s storied tradition and delivered through eye-catching LED signage.


Samsung expanded its presence at the landmark this year with the opening of The Lounge enabled by Samsung, a new meeting place located in the heart of the Opera House that features stylish, comfortable seating, as well as interactive displays and exclusive digital content. The centerpiece of the new lounge is Samsung’s IL020F fine pixel pitch LED signage, which forms a large-format (4m x 2m) display that is designed to draw visitors’ attention to a specially commissioned digital artwork.




A ‘Landmark’ Visual Experience

The Lounge marks Samsung’s first Smart LED display panel deployment in Australia, and is one of a number of technologies being trialed as part of the Sydney Opera House’s $202 million renewal plans. Backed by the government of New South Wales, the renewal program will transform the cultural icon for the next generation of artists, audiences and visitors. A multi-venue performing arts center adjacent to Sydney Harbour, the Sydney Opera House is among the most recognizable landmarks in the city, hosting more than 2,000 performances and welcoming 1.2 million visitors on site each year.


Samsung Australia, the Opera House’s first and only principal technology partner, collaborated with the venue to design The Lounge in a way that would enhance the visitor experience while preserving the integrity of its structure and brand.



“[The Lounge] is an early milestone in renewing the experience for our visitors, and highlights the importance of collaboration in transforming the Opera House experience,” said Sydney Opera House CEO Louise Wilson. “With Samsung’s support, we have a wonderful opportunity to trial the latest technology while creating a more welcoming environment for visitors.”


Samsung’s IL020F LED signage presents a deeper exploration into the landmark’s story through an original digital artwork that draws on the history, inspiration and design of the Opera House as well as the performances held within it. Content includes a vast library of past performances, photos and interviews all brought to life by the high-resolution displays, which leverage the same technologies employed in Samsung’s televisions and LCD screens to deliver vibrant and consistent visuals.



Signs of Collaborations to Come

In addition to The Lounge, Samsung and the Sydney Opera House have agreed to collaborate over the next five years on further initiatives to improve the landmark and provide visitors with the best possible experience.



“The Lounge enabled by Samsung is an incredibly exciting way for Australians and tourists from all over the world to experience what the Sydney Opera House has to offer,” said Phillip Newton, Corporate Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung Australia. “We are proud to work in partnership with the Sydney Opera House to enrich the experience of millions of visitors through our most advanced and immersive technology.”


Beyond IL020F LED signage, Samsung’s presence in The Lounge includes a virtual-reality station that transports users to the top of the Opera House’s famous exterior sails, as well as a ‘Cultural Institute’ station, where Samsung’s Galaxy View and Galaxy Tab S2 tablets allow visitors to cycle through more than 50 online exhibits highlighting the landmark’s past, present and future.



The Lounge at the Sydney Opera House is a landmark example of how cutting-edge digital signage can enhance storytelling capabilities that ultimately foster unique and memorable experiences. By implementing first-class display technology in one of the world’s most famous buildings and busiest performing arts centers, Samsung continues to define entertainment and hospitality environments of the future.

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