Samsung R&D Institute India Researcher Receives 3GPP Excellence Award

on February 18, 2019
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Samsung Research (SR), the advanced research & development hub of the company’s SET (End-products) Business, today announced that Basavaraj Pattan, an engineer of Samsung R&D Institute India-Bangalore (SRI-B), has received the 2018 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Excellence Award.


The award recognizes individuals who have made significant technical contributions to the continuing innovations in mobile broadband technology and is presented by 3GPP, a global initiative formed to develop technical specifications for the latest mobile broadband standards such as LTE and 5G. An estimated 2,000 researchers are part of 3GPP working groups, and the Excellence Awards are given to up to four individuals each year.


Basavaraj Pattan was recognized for his contributions in the field of mission-critical communications technology and 5G service API platform. Mission-critical communication networks are systems built and designed to guarantee robust, fail-safe and secure communications for use by first responders in case of public emergencies.


Basavaraj Pattan, engineer at Samsung R&D Institute India and recipient of the 2018 3GPP Excellence Award


The impact of Basavaraj Pattan’s expertise is recognized as significant in developing the optimal technical specifications in system networks and devices used in public emergencies, enabling communications through voice calls, texts, videos as well as live broadcasts during events such as natural disasters. His contributions have had positive impacts on Samsung’s ability to deliver mission-critical communication devices to agencies in the U.S. and the U.K.


“It is an honor to receive this coveted award; it demonstrates the excellence of Samsung’s contributions to 3GPP standards”, said Basavaraj Pattan.


This is the fifth time a Samsung employee has received this prestigious award. Past awardees from Samsung include Gert-Jan van Lieshout (2013, SRUK), Himke van der Velde (2014, SRUK), Ricky Kaura (2015, SRUK) and Aris Papasakellariou (2017, SRA).


“Samsung employee receiving this recognition reflects our journey towards Advanced R&D, and our company’s commitment to broadband mission-critical services and a robust platform for 5G services” said Dr. Aloknath De, CTO in SRI-B.


This photo was taken at the 3GPP Excellence Award ceremony following a SA (Service and System Aspects) 6 Working Group meeting in India. From left to right: Suresh Chitturi, Chairman of 3GPP SA 6 Working Group, Basavaraj Pattan (Awardee), David Chater-Lea (SA6 Vice-Chairman), and Alan Soloway (SA6 Vice-Chairman)

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