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Samsung SMART Studio & Lounge: Behind the Scenes

on January 10, 2013



Alright, we confess that we’ve been talking up the Samsung SMART Lounge at CES 2013 for little while now, but we want to give you an exclusive look inside today. The SMART Lounge offers a great environment to network with IT/Tech media editors, bloggers and Samsung Electronics’ staff on-site. At the SMART Lounge, drinks, free Wi-Fi, comfortable seats and clean workspaces with power outlets are provided.


Also, Samsung SMART Lounge has new feature, SMART Studio at CES 2013. What you can see on the broadcasting such as CES 2013 Livestream and Samsung Tomorrow TV CES Special Broadcasting is produced in studio like SMART Studio.


Well, we can talk about it all day, but a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

So let’s check out some photos of Both SMART Studio & Lounge and you can imagine walking around the space at CES 2013.






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