Staying Fit at Home With Samsung Health on Your Smart TV

on July 31, 2020
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Have you ever wished it was possible to take your favorite fitness class from your living room? You’re not alone — according to a recent survey conducted by Samsung Electronics, 76% of respondents say that, since social distancing measures were put in place, they have either started exercising from home or increased the time they had previously spent exercising at home.


That’s why this May, Samsung Electronics launched the Samsung Health Smart TV app, which allows users to utilize their televisions as portals to help keep their minds and bodies healthy from home.


So, what helpful and innovative features does Samsung Health offer on your Smart TV? Samsung Newsroom followed a day in the life of a mother and daughter to see firsthand how the Samsung Health Smart TV app was able to keep them moving and motivated from sunrise through sunset. We’ve shared some of the highlights from their day below:



# 7:00 AM Waking Up with Sun Salutations


Since they started using Samsung Health, this mother and daughter’s morning routine has been completely transformed. Instead of rushing around from the moment they wake up, they now start each day with a yoga flow. Thanks to Samsung’s ‘routines’ feature, they’ve set a daily alarm which triggers a pop-up message at their preferred time to help them maintain consistent with their practice. With a simple click of the ‘start now’ button, users can begin their chosen content without the need for further input.


On days they wake up feeling energized and want a bit more intensity, they simply open the Samsung Health app to see a host of top-tier recommendations. Samsung Health provides free access to various content from several premium fitness brands, such as barre3, Fitplan, Jillian Michaels, obé fitness and Echelon. What’s more? The suggested programs are systematically classified and organized on the screen, making choosing the right workout program quick and simple, even for beginners.


After a quick 30- minute yoga routine, they’re ready to start their day.




# 11:30 AM – Taking a Moment to Relax, Focus and Meditate


The daughter returns home, excited to share her workout data with her mother and turns on the TV. With Samsung Health, users can quickly and conveniently display their daily data, which includes total step count, daily activities, and total calories consumed, on the large screen of their Smart TVs. Users can also view these stats on their mobile devices anywhere, at any time, keeping motivated on the go.



It’s been a hectic morning full of work, so when a reminder pops up for the pair’s meditation break it’s a welcome one. Samsung Health offers mindfulness content in partnership with the world-renowned wellness app Calm, which offers audio content to guide users into blissful meditation, sleep or relaxation.



# 6:00 PM – It’s Time for a ‘Family Fitness Challenge’


It’s time for their mother-daughter fitness challenge! For the past week, the duo has been competing against each other to see who will win the muscle endurance training program. Using the ‘Challenge Program’ feature, users can motivate themselves by comparing their workout stats with their family members and friends. This particular competition ends with the mother claiming a razor-thin victory.



When not competing against each other, their favorite workout of the day is the ‘Balancing Exercise.’ Because they set ‘stretching’ as their preference, today’s recommended content is the ‘Balancing Your Body’ program. Samsung Health provides recommendations that are tailored to the user’s preferred workouts. Whether they want muscle training, dance workouts, mindfulness content or cardio/HITT programs, Samsung Health has the exercise program for them with over 250 instructive videos from an array of premium fitness brands. When it comes to muscle training and stretching, the user can additionally select from beginner, intermediate and advanced versions of the workouts.




# 8:30 PM – Let’s See How We Did – A Recap of the Day and Plan for Tomorrow

Starting with morning meditation through to their evening exercise challenge, the mother and daughter have had a full day of healthy living. Before going to bed, they review their workout stats on the TV and, together, plan for the days ahead.



Their Smart TV displays stats that include daily step count, number of calories consumed and number of active hours. It was easy to meet their personal goals today thanks to Samsung Health providing reminders and easy access to content they need in order to stay healthy. On the days they don’t, Samsung Health showcases the stats they should focus on for improvement. As they go over each other’s stats, they go to bed proud and determined to make tomorrow a healthy day as well.


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