TOILETPAPER X Samsung: The Story Behind Bespoke’s Boldest Designs Yet

on April 21, 2023
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On April 17, Samsung Electronics opened the doors on a vibrant exhibit that stood out from the rest at Fuorisalone 2023, the world’s largest design and furniture fair.


▲ Visitors at the TOILETPAPER zone in Samsung’s The Bespoke Life exhibition


Samsung’s theme for this year’s event, “The Bespoke Life,” emphasizes a more eco-conscious, hyper-connected and personalized way of living. The company’s showcase also includes a pop-up space created in collaboration with the Italian creative studio brand, TOILETPAPER, to convey how Bespoke refrigerators cater to various lifestyles.


Samsung’s collaboration with TOILETPAPER was based on a mutual pursuit of bringing life to everyday items.



Distinct Styles, Shared Values

Originally founded in 2010 as a magazine run by artist Maurizio Cattelan and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari, TOILETPAPER has since expanded into a product and furniture brand known for its unique design aesthetic. TOILETPAPER is known for its use of vibrant colors and pop art-inspired imagery; highly original designs such as “Lipsticks,” which features outstretched arms holding lipstick tubes, exemplify its signature style. Over time, these designs earned TOILETPAPER a strong following among global art enthusiasts who continue to adore the brand’s distinctive style.


“TOILETPAPER has always loved the idea of applying images to everyday objects rather than restricting them to the inside of a gallery or museum,” said TOILETPAPER Art Director Micol Talso. “That’s why we were thrilled when Samsung asked us to think of a design to apply to their Bespoke refrigerator panels. We thought it was an amazing opportunity for us to challenge ourselves in a new medium.”


▲ (From left) TOILETPAPER art director Micol Talso and founder Pierpaolo Ferrari


The collaboration was made possible thanks to Bespoke and TOILETPAPER’s shared values. TOILETPAPER’s design philosophy, which puts a unique spin on everyday objects, closely aligns with Bespoke refrigerators’ personalized appearance and overall experience, which not only caters to users’ needs on the exterior but the interior as well.



Eye-Catching and Elegant

Samsung’s collaboration with TOILETPAPER includes a total of four Bespoke refrigerator panel designs. To maximize impact, the brands chose to personalize the front panels with existing TOILETPAPER imagery — including such iconic designs as “Lipsticks,” “Magic Mirror,” “Roses with Eyes,” and “Dessert Lady” — resulting in an eye-catching and elegant collection that is distinguished by its bold use of color. The limited-edition panels showcased at the exhibition will launch in global markets in the first half of the year.


▲ (From left) Dessert Lady, Roses with Eyes, Lipsticks, Magic Mirror



Vibrant Launch Events in TOILETPAPER Home

Samsung’s Fuorisalone 2023 showcase also included a series of special events that offered guests an up-close look at Bespoke’s limited-edition panel collection.


TOILETPAPER’s Milan headquarters, TOILETPAPER Home, hosted two interactive events. Placed in various rooms throughout the building, including the kitchen and bedroom, the Bespoke refrigerator designs seamlessly blended with the space’s striking interior. Guests were captivated by the combination of functional appliances and artistic expression, which resulted in a pair of unforgettable events.


▲ More installations at the TOILETPAPER Home


The first, held on April 17, saw Talso introduce Samsung and TOILETPAPER’s collaboration to global media. The event also included a cooking show from the famous Italian chef, Marco Assaggia. On April 20, TOILETPAPER Home was host to a “Fridge Party” for global media and influencers. The event offered guests an opportunity to experience Bespoke refrigerators in a fun and engaging setting with music provided by famous DJs.


▲ (Clockwise from top left) Chef Marco Assaggia’s cooking performance at the TOILETPAPER media event, TOILETPAPER x Samsung Bespoke event Image, TOILETPAPER founder Maurizio Cattelan greets guests at the influencer event, DJ performance at the influencer event


In addition, Samsung and TOILETPAPER’s new, limited-edition panel designs can also be viewed at TOILETPAPER Living. This one-of-a-kind accommodation will be available to reserve soon and will offer guests an opportunity to experience a wide range of Bespoke home appliances, including the Bespoke Induction Range, Dishwasher, Oven and more.


▲ Samsung Bespoke appliances featured in the TOILETPAPER Living


Jinny Jung, Vice President, Samsung Electronics, expressed her delight at collaborating with a brand whose “unique designs continue to attract attention in Korea and around the world.” Adding that Samsung is pleased to have TOILETPAPER as Bespoke refrigerators’ first partner of the year, Jung explained that the collaboration promotes Bespoke’s core value of offering more consumers more options that cater to their unique tastes.

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