Try Out the Samsung Gear S2 Virtually with the Gear S2 Experience App

on October 21, 2015
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Samsung has previously introduced apps to enable users to experience and learn about new devices indirectly before the purchase. The Galaxy S5 experience app and the Galaxy S6 experience app were each downloaded more than 1 million times, giving people the useful opportunity to try out the new devices in a mobile simulation.


Now, with the release of the Gear S2, which is earning widespread praise for its elegant design and innovative rotating bezel UX, Samsung is introducing the Gear S2 Experience app. Available in three languages—English, Chinese and Korean—the Gear S2 Experience app lets anyone, anywhere, check out the wearable device’s unique design and UX. It’s a hands-on feel, even when you cannot get your hands on a Gear S2 in real life.


Here’s a look at the five main features of the Gear S2 Experience app, and how they can help you get to feel for the Gear S2 and its special features.


Aesthetic and Elegant Design


If you’re going to wear a wearable, you need the device to look stylish. Calling up this option brings up a Stylish Smart Gear screen, which provides more details about the Gear S2’s sleek, fashionable design—a durable, stainless steel body that fits your wrist just right. Clicking “Experience” then brings up a Gear S2 that you can check out in 360 degrees. Get an immersive, complete view of the Gear S2 in three style, dark gray and silver for the Gear S2, and the black of the Gear S2 classic. It’s a convenient way of getting to know the Gear S2’s harmonious combination of technology and design.


Gear S2 Experience App


Intuitive Experience


One of the most defining parts of the Gear S2 is its rotating bezel UX that controls many of the device’s functions. It’s a unique and intuitive way of using a smartwatch, and the Gear S2 Experience app gives you a good taste for what that experience is really like.


Once again, after you select this feature, select “Experience” to bring up the simulator. There, the app guides you in how to rotate the bezel to achieve various effects. First it guides you in moving the bezel to the left and right, followed by rotating to scroll vertically, select options or to control volume.


Gear S2 Experience app


Healthier Lifestyle


The Gear S2 Experience app also shows how health-related features are integrated into the device. You can try out how the Gear S2’s Auto Tracking detects your movements, exercise and heart rate automatically. Or pretend to go for a run on the treadmill, selecting the jogging feature and then taking several strides in a mini-run.


You can also try out the various Healthy Clock faces, like Activity sparkles (they shine as your move more), Activity bubbles (the circles grow as you exercise), Pixel Heart (a heart shape changes color depending on your heart rate) and Heart Wave (measures maximum, minimum and average heart rates).


Convenience & More


This field lets you explore a wide range of the Gear S2’s other functions, like notifications, Samsung Pay and accessories. Notifications lets you try out checking your messages and sending preset replies, leaving voice messages and more. Samsung Pay lets you try out the tap & pay system that makes Samsung Pay so convenient. And Additional Features gives you a rundown of the Gear S2’s many other functions, like 3G connectivity, wireless charging and compatibility with other Android devices (running 4.4O/S or higher, with at least 1.5GB of RAM).


Try On


Throughout your use of the Gear S2 Experience app, you are given many opportunities to wear a Gear S2 virtually, using Try On. Once again, you begin by pressing “Experience.” Then you choose a watch face (dark gray or silver for the Gear S2 or black for the Gear S2 classic), followed by one of 16 watch faces. Once you’ve picked your combination, you select “Try On”, where you can use your camera to take a picture of your customized Gear S2 on your arm, and share the photo with friends using your choice of email, social media or other apps.


Gear S2 Experience app


All told, the Gear S2 Experience app is a great way to get a deeper sense of what Samsung’s latest wearable is all about. Nothing compares to the real thing, but the Gear S2 Experience app comes pretty close. You can download the English version of the Gear S2 Experience app at the Galaxy Apps store or Google Play.


Gear S2 Experience app

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