[Video] C-Lab Projects Highlight Startup Spirit Inside Samsung

on January 15, 2016
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Samsung’s Creative Lab (C-Lab) is one of Samsung’s primary Innovation Programs, and helps its employees to nurture creative business ideas. At CES 2016 in Las Vegas, three C-Lab projects were on display: WELT, a smart belt that discreetly monitors the wearer; rink, a hand motion controller designed to work with virtual reality devices like Gear VR, to deepen the virtual reality experience; and TipTalk, a smart UX that activates a range of functionality to any watch—and also provides a point-of-contact technique for listening on phone calls just by touching your finger to your ear. (Tiptalk has shown so much potential that the group that created it, Innomdle Lab, was launched as a new, independent company in 2015).


“C-Lab projects are being showcased here to assess their market potential and get hands-on feedback from CES attendees,” said JeongRae Cho, Manager in the Creativity & Innovation Center. “The feedback was much more impressive than expected, and there is further progress to be made.”


Check out the people behind these three C-Lab projects explaining their inventive ideas in their own words.











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