[Video] Hands-On with the Galaxy Note10

on August 8, 2019
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With the introduction of the Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Note10+, Samsung Electronics has once again raised the bar for mobile productivity with devices that combine elegant design and premium performance to help users make the most of every moment.


Check out the videos below for an up-close look at the smartphones’ newest and most innovative features.



A Groundbreaking Design


This year’s Galaxy Note is available in a choice of two sizes: the 6.3-inch Galaxy Note10, and the 6.8-inch Galaxy Note10+. Both are exceptionally thin and light in the hand, and both feature seamless designs highlighted by their virtually bezel-less Cinematic Infinity Displays.


With three iridescent color options to choose from – Aura Glow, Aura White, and Aura Black ­– it’s easy to find the perfect Note to suit your style.



An Even Smarter S Pen


Sleek, slim and even more powerful, the Galaxy Note10’s redesigned S Pen offers users greater control over their device with S Pen Air actions, which make everything from switching camera modes to skipping music tracks as simple as a flick of the wrist.


Notetaking on the Galaxy Note10 is similarly seamless. Now, not only can you easily adjust your pen’s color, you can also zoom in or out on notes, and even convert your handwriting into digital text that can be exported to various formats – including Microsoft Word – for simple editing and sharing.



A Pro-Grade Camera


Speaking of simple, featuring Samsung’s most advanced imaging technology and camera software, the Galaxy Note10 makes recording pro-grade video on the go blissfully easy. With just a few taps, the camera’s new Zoom-In Mic feature and enhanced Super steady and Live focus video functions offer users the power to capture and create incredible content anytime, anywhere.



A Built-In Video Editor


Once you’ve captured a memorable clip, the Galaxy Note10’s native video editor offers all the tools you’ll need to turn it into a shareworthy video. This built-in feature makes it easy to stitch clips together, adjust playback speed, add transition effects, and layer in text and drawings – by hand, or with the precision of the S Pen.



More Dynamic with DeX


Samsung’s newest smartphones are packed with innovations designed to help users seamlessly switch from work to play and from project to project when they’re on the go.


Connecting your phone to your PC or Mac is easier than ever with the Galaxy Note10, which lets you launch Samsung DeX with a simple USB cable. The platform makes it easy to drag and drop or copy and paste files from your phone to your computer,1 and because it’s backed by Samsung Knox’s defense-grade security, you can trust that your data will remain safe and secure.



Seamless Windows Integration


To help users focus on tasks at hand without bouncing from screen to screen, the Galaxy Note10 also offers seamless integration with Link to Windows. Incorporated directly into the Quick Panel, this convenient feature enables Galaxy Note10 users to easily mirror their phone’s screen, check notifications, send and receive messages2 and view recent photos3 on their Windows 10 PC.



Next-Level Gaming


Packing a one-two punch of premium power and unparalleled performance, the Galaxy Note10 offers a gaming experience unlike any other.


Advanced hardware and game-optimizing features bring console-quality gameplay to users’ hands. And when we talk about taking gaming to the next level, we’re not just talking about mobile games. With the Galaxy Note10’s top-shelf specs and Samsung’s PlayGalaxy Link P2P service, taking a PC gaming session on the road couldn’t be easier.


1 Currently, the copying and pasting of files may only be performed from PC to DeX, not from DeX to PC.

2 Limited to 1,000 most recent messages.

3 Limited to 25 most recent photos taken by the phone’s camera or screen captured.

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