[Video] Samsung Innovation Museum Continues its Online Tour with Videos Taking Viewers Through the History of the Display

on January 27, 2021
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Samsung Innovation Museum (S/I/M), the largest electronics industry history museum in South Korea, is continuing its online tour series with three new videos under the theme of ‘Display’ corresponding to the museum’s second hall, “The Era of Corporate Innovation.”


These latest videos recount the history of the display, an electronic product that transformed the world upon its introduction and has seen rapid development in recent times. Through the course of the three videos, divided up by era, viewers can learn about the TV, an iconic representative of the display.


The first video in the series introduces the black-and-white TV, a product that opened up a whole new era of popular culture. The video covers the world’s first black-and-white TV, the Televisor, as well as the first portable TV that used transistors and the first black-and-white TV produced by Samsung Electronics.



The second video covers the introduction of color TVs and flat displays, two innovations that transformed both user’s viewing experiences as well as the way displays existed within their space. The advent of color TVs and flat screens heralded the beginning of home entertainment, as well as the evolution of TVs to becoming an interior design element.



The last video in the Display series showcases the cutting-edge TVs of the latest TVs, as well as smart TVs. In this video, viewers can learn how Samsung’s TV products, packed with innovative technologies and providing unique user experiences, are today being used across various different fields.



In “The Era of Corporate Innovation”, the importance of displays cannot be understated – the commonplace introduction of displays brought about revolutionary viewing experiences and also led to the popularization of information. As the Display video series showcases, the future of the ever-evolving display remains bright.


Following the release of these three Display videos, the next installment of S/I/M’s three-video series under the theme of ‘Mobile’ is set to be released in the near future.

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