Video Tips and Tricks: Become a Vlogger with the Galaxy S10+

on May 10, 2019
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We are living in an era of spectacular visual communication and video content. Across a wide variety of platforms, more and more vloggers are sharing their passions, hobbies, thoughts and feelings with audiences from across the globe. While some may make use of professional gear, an increasing number are diving into the world of vlogs with just their smartphones and some smart ideas – and you can, too.



So, if it’s your first foray into vlogging, the Samsung Newsroom has put together five tips to get started with just your Galaxy S10+.



Even Out Shaky Footage with Super Steady Mode

When starting anything new, you may want to minimize equipment cost and outlay before you’re fully committed to the project or hobby. Vloggers, however, often discover that one piece of equipment is crucial to create smooth videos: a stabilizing gimbal. When you hold a camera in your hands, the slightest shake can be reflected in the footage, resulting in lots of time-consuming cuts and edits before your video is ready to be published.


Super Steady mode on the Galaxy S10+ is able to eliminate the effect of shaky hands by calibrating the video, predicting your movements and calculating the range with the smartphone’s Ultra Wide lens. To switch on Super Steady when shooting a video, just tap the icon in the center at the top of the screen.



Vlogger Tip: For optimal results in Super Steady mode, shoot videos when you’re on-the-go in bright, natural light.



Create Movie-like Moments with Super Slow-mo

Vloggers are constantly mixing up their content and format to attract new audiences and excite existing fans. Often the difference is in the details, transforming the vlog from digital content into artform.


To ensure that you don’t miss any of the action, capture the moment on your Galaxy S10+ in Super Slow-mo. Taking 960 frames per second, Super Slow-mo plays back 0.4 seconds of footage over 14 seconds, creating breathtaking videos that invite viewers to examine every detail, from a droplet of water falling on a petal, to a critical play in a sports game.



Vlogger Tip: Make use of the Galaxy’s S10+’s editing tools by adding background music or looping certain sections of the video to create a GIF file.



Condense Time with Hyperlapse

Whether it’s slowing down or speeding up, a change of pace can add a fresh perspective on an everyday scene.


Hyperlapse provides the perfect segue from one moment of action to another, allowing you to condense the flow of time and fast-forward between scenes without a dramatic cut. What’s more, because the effect can also be added after capturing the original video footage, creators don’t need to be conscious of the camera or alter their actions while they are filming.



Vlogger Tip: Hyperlapse can be used to show the flow of time in a fixed location. Once you open the camera app on your Galaxy S10+, click on the “Settings” icon at the top left of the screen, activate the grid lines to help you find the center of your scene and fix the camera to a tripod.



Get Personal with the UHD Front Camera

While there are many different styles of vlog covering countless different topics, they all offer a personal point of view. When a vlogger talks directly to the camera, they want to ensure that they have the best picture quality possible to capture their moods and reactions.


The Galaxy S10+ is optimized for this first-person perspective, equipped with two front cameras, including a 10MP Selfie Camera. This powerful camera can achieve UHD resolution, picking out the contours and fine details of the face to express every nuance of emotion. When they come to edit their film, cuts between footage captured with the front and rear cameras appear fluid, uninterrupted by differences in quality.



Vlogger Tip: Go hands-free with voice control. Simply open up the front camera, say “Record Video” and you can start shooting right away.



Bring Your Own Mini-me to Life with AR Emoji

Creating animated videos once required specialist know-how and a lot of time, limiting the kind of content that vloggers could produce.


Now, with AR Emoji on the Galaxy S10+, you can create your very own avatar and capture its movements on-camera, crafting an instant digital mini-me for the screen. Upgraded for the S10 line, the new AR Emoji accurately follows the movements of your eyes and your body when filming. If you prefer to stay anonymous, you can also replace your head with your AR Emoji’s cartoon-like face by selecting the “Mask” function.



Vlogger Tip: Use the “Mini motion” function to place your AR Emoji anywhere on the screen, or the “Basic” function for AR Emoji to record your every movement in cartoon form.


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