5 Benefits Gen Z Can Gain by Entering the Solve For Tomorrow Program  

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STEM jobs are growing exponentially on a global scale and trying to solve global issues. Samsung realizes the growing need to ensure the job readiness of India’s youth and at the same time contribute to help solve real-world issues.


Solve For Tomorrow (SFT), Samsung’s flagship CSR initiative is designed to train India’s young innovators for future avenues in STEM and transform them into leaders of tomorrow.


Solve For Tomorrow is not merely an innovation competition, it’s also an educational journey meant to upskill its participants and make them future-ready.


Here are 5 benefits youngsters will gain during their SFT journey-


1- Enhancing STEM Literacy

STEM is present in every part of our lives in today’s digital age. That’s why the ability to understand and apply concepts of STEM sciences in real scenarios is more important than ever. Solve For Tomorrow trains its participants to look critically at the Indian context and solve real-world problems throughout the competition. In addition, students are trained in the fundamentals of ‘Design Thinking’ by the esteemed faculty of FIIT, IIT Delhi, who further help them conceptualize their projects, enhancing their STEM literacy in the process.


2- Encouraging Collaboration & Teamwork 

The ability to collaborate and work in teams is essential to be an effective part of any organization. SFT imparts a sense of collaboration and teamwork among its participants through project-based learning. By working together to solve a critical problem, participants are encouraged to learn how to communicate effectively, pool their skills and knowledge, and trust each other. Whereas division of work and responsibility builds a sense of self-reliance and confidence, leading to their overall growth. Such an experience develops a collaborative spirit and helps them in their future endeavors.


3- Bolstering Entrepreneurial Skills

SFT is designed to be a launchpad to success for India’s young innovators, and last year’s SFT winners (Team Udaan, Sputnik Brain, and Alpha Monitor) are a perfect example of it as they have already incorporated their startups. The third phase of the competition is specially designed to help participants test the feasibility of their prototypes in the market and teach them the fundamentals of ‘Entrepreneurship and Innovation’ under the guidance of FIIT, IIT Delhi mentors. Throughout its course, SFT functions as a platform to transform young minds into entrepreneurs of tomorrow by teaching them how to conceptualize a product fit for the market and the ins and outs of incorporating their companies.



4- Advancing a Purpose-Driven Outlook 

Advancing a purpose-driven outlook among its participants is at the core of SFT season 2. Therefore, the key themes of the competition are specially curated as per the UN’s sustainable development goals for India. Throughout the competition, participants are trained to examine the real-world issues facing communities around them and to develop sustainable solutions to make a positive social impact. The overall aim of the competition is to develop a sense of social responsibility among India’s youth.


5- Unfiltered Access to Industry Experts & Innovators 

SFT offers its participants unfiltered access to diverse industry experts, innovators, and educators from MeitY Startup Hub, FIIT, IIT Delhi, and Samsung India, facilitating one-on-one knowledge transfer and guidance. In addition, shortlisted students get an exclusive tour of Samsung’s offices and R&D centers, where they get to learn from Samsung’s young engineers and designers. Such early exposure to current-day tech leaders bolsters their innovative spirit and gives them a glimpse into professions they can pursue.









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