A Day with Samsung’s AI-enabled Smart Appliances

on 10-06-2020
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Don’t we all want to simplify our complex lives? Don’t we crave work-life balance, and someone to take the ‘work’ out of housework?


Samsung’s AI-enabled and smart home appliances can do just that for you, making short work of managing workout routines, cooking meals, driving in the city and even sleeping and getting up on time!


Samsung home appliances’ seamless connections are all part of the company’s “Intelligence of Things” vision, which envisions a world in which the devices around us are constantly communicating with one another in ways that simplify our day.


To demonstrate how Samsung smart home appliances aid you, check out a typical day in a connected home.

[7 AM]: Waking up with a soothing alarm

Setting an alarm on your Galaxy smartphone or Galaxy Watch is as easy as talking to




 [8 AM]: Work-outs are now more fun

Sometimes, taking time out from a busy day for your morning workout may seem too tedious. But with Bixby, you can easily map out your day through personalized services that are powered by natural interactions. You can ask Bixby on your phone to play the perfect music while you plug in your Galaxy Buds as you go for a run in the park. You can check the step count on your Galaxy Watch or on your Galaxy smartphone using the Samsung Health app.




[9: 30 AM]: An AI-powered recipe for an awesome breakfast

With Bixby at your service, everyday tasks such as preparing breakfast by checking what is available in the refrigerator is possible with a simple voice command. As you interact more frequently with your smart devices, Bixby learns usage patterns and frequently used apps and keeps getting smarter and faster.




[1 PM]: The Movie Playlist

A single house can contain multiple spaces that require different environments. Samsung’s AI service enables multiple modes where different devices can be clubbed to perform specific actions. So turn on the Movie Mode, and Bixby will automatically control the lights, air conditioning, TV, music…all in one go.  All that is left to do then is ask Bixby to play the movie of your choice.



[4 PM]: The perfect weekend drive

Plan a quick drive in the evening with Bixby. Samsung’s AI service can help you navigate to the local park or nearby places with just a simple command. Don’t forget to check the weather forecast on your watch before planning your outing.



[7.30 PM]: Getting your home ready for you

How about getting your home ready before your arrival? Simply ask Bixby to set the ambience just the way you like it. Turn on the Air Conditioner, switch on the lights and play some soothing music on your arrival!



[10 PM]: A peaceful sleep

Finally time to say good night. Control your smart devices with just your voice and they can work seamlessly. Bixby is always ready to listen and carry out your requests on devices that are connected through Smart Things.  From setting the alarm, to switching off all the lights in the master bedroom, it’s all just a voice command away!



[Giridhar Jakki, Senior Director, Voice Intelligence Team at Samsung R&D Institute, Bengaluru has contributed to this article. The Bixby Team comprising Product Managers, Designers and Developers are determined to bring valued experience to customers. Bixby’s understanding of Indian accent and localization activities in Mobile, TV, Family Hub and other appliances are majorly developed at the Bengaluru centre by collaborating with Suwon R&D center and other Indian R&D centers in Noida and Delhi]

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