A Globetrotter’s Photo Album from her Trip to the Balkans

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Kriti Maroli used #GalaxyS10Plus on her recent trip to the Balkans. Here's her story in her own words

I am a dentist by profession; and a traveller at heart.


From Croatia in Eastern Europe to Uzbekistan in Central Asia, from the Machu Picchu citadel in Peru to Paro, closer home in Bhutan…every travel is a new adventure for me.


Over the years, I have experimented with various cameras and equipment. Some were too bulky while others lacked the clarity. I was never convinced, until I tried the Samsung Galaxy S10+.


In design, the Galaxy S10+ oozes style and the display screen is pushed to the edge of the handset. The apps run lag free and the battery goes on and on, despite my heavy phone usage. Personally, the Galaxy S10+ has replaced my computer to do all my work.


For me, the three cameras on the back of the S10+ have been a game changer. The aperture of the 12MP optically stabilised main sensor can go as wide as f/1.5 for night shots and f/2.4 for pictures clicked during the day. The ultra-wide 16MP sensor ensures clear images. I never have to worry about the focus, as it is taken care of by the phone and ensuring sharp picture quality. Whether I am enjoying the water cascades on a speed boat or flying high on a hot air balloon, I never miss a moment with the Galaxy S10+ always by my side and superfast to focus.


I captured stills and videos of the beautiful locales and moments during my recent trip to the Balkans on my Galaxy S10+




Photo Credit: Dr Kriti Maroli

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