Bixby Gets a Makeover with Indian Accent

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Bixby for Indian English was launched in 2021 and started with the ability to understand Indianised English accent when spoken to.  With its latest update in July 2023, Samsung has now enhanced Bixby to also respond in Indianised English accent. The new accent provide Indian users with a more natural and Indianised experience when interacting with their Samsung devices.


How to enable this?

To experience the new Indianised English response, ensure Bixby application is updated to the latest version (check this by going to Bixby Settings -> About Bixby). Once you are on the latest version, set language set as “English (India)” & voice style as “Voice 1” (Set this by going to Bixby Settings -> Language and voice style).


Advantages of Indian Accent

1. Pronunciation of Indianised entities: One of the major advantages is its ability to accurately pronounce Indian entities. By incorporating Indian accent, Bixby will be able to connect better with large Indian user base and provide a more inclusive user experience. Indian users can now be confident that their Samsung devices will accurately pronounce the names of their contacts, locations, and other important entities.


2. Naturalness: This refers to a range of intonations that makes the voice more relatable and natural for Indian users and hence improving the overall user experience.


The new voice is supported across different devices like Mobiles, Tablets, Smartwatches, TV and Family Hub. The launch of the Indianised English TTS feature is a significant milestone for Samsung and its Indian users.  With this feature, Samsung is reaffirming its commitment to providing innovative and user-friendly technology that meets the unique needs and preferences of its diverse user base.


Note:  If you want to use “Voice 1” in On-device mode, ensure to download the On-device pack.

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