Decoding QLED 8K Resolution: A Lifestyle Statement in Luxury and Technology

on 20-06-2019
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Samsung is out with the QLED 8K television in India and it’s time that we dive straight into what this technology is all about.


Let the decoding begin!



8K Resolution

From Full HD to 4K and now to 8K! That means there 16 times higher pixel resolution than FHD screens providing an even more enhanced display. There are 33 million pixels which give sharp resolution for a feeling of realness and presence with exceptionally true-to-life picture quality.




AI Upscaling

Samsung’s proprietary 8K AI Upscaling technology based on machine learning upscales picture and sound quality to 8K regardless of the original format. The Quantum Processor 8K recognizes and intelligently upscales the content to appear in 8K quality, independent of the source of the video.




Ultra-viewing angle

The QLED 8K is designed to make sure that viewers can enjoy it from any angle when sitting in a room. So no more fighting over the perfect spot in the room for TV viewing!




100% Colour Volume

With the increased number of pixels and the details that their intersection makes possible, QLED 8K has the right tool – the Quantum Dots — to show colours as they really are.




Bixby on TV

The QLED 8K takes Voice Control a level further with Bixby along with other voice assistants. With Far Field Voice Capability, users can interact with the TV set from across the room.


The QLED 8K is not just a TV – it is lifestyle statement for those who want to experience the best in luxury and technology in their living rooms.

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