DIY: How to enable Q-Symphony to sync your Neo QLED TV & Soundbar

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Did you know that TVs and soundbars did not work in sync until now? Samsung has made it a reality by introducing a feature called Q-Symphony. A unique and intelligent feature, it takes the amazing sound output from your TV and combines it with the soundbar simultaneously.


For synchronised sound experience that transports users to another world, Samsung Neo QLED TVs come equipped with Q-Symphony feature that uniquely allows TV and soundbar speakers to operate simultaneously for an accurate and balanced audio delivery, filling your room with rich and multidimensional sound. Once enabled, you can control the volume and other audio settings using a single remote, simplifying your experience.


Let us show you how you can enable Q-Symphony on Samsung Neo QLED TV:


Follow these steps to enable Q Symphony: 

  • The setup is pretty easy; first, you’ll need an a HDMI or an optical audio cable
  • If you’re using an HDMI, connect the cable from the soundbar to the TV
  • Once you’re connected, go to your TV’s home screen
  • Then, select a sound output from the quick settings


Follow these steps for manual setup: 

  • First, select Settings, and then pair it with sound
  • Do you see the soundbar and TV pair you connected?
  • Just choose the TV + AV soundbar pair, and you’re all set


Enjoy the full-scale sound from the content you are watching.


Watch the video to know more:  


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