Enjoy Breathtaking Picture with 100% Colour Volume on The Frame by Samsung

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If you are an art connoisseur, Samsung’s lifestyle TV, The Frame deserves a prominent place on your shopping list. Powered by cutting-edge QLED technology, this television transcends mere functionality to offer a visual feast for your eyes. The Frame not only delivers breathtaking picture clarity and an expansive color range but also seamlessly transforms into a captivating piece of art.


The Frame goes beyond conventional TVs, providing a range of customisable bezels and a unique Matte Display that effortlessly integrates with any interior design style, enhancing the aesthetics of any space. Whether your decor is contemporary, modern, traditional, minimalist, scandinavian, bohemian, farmhouse, or eclectic, here’s how The Frame can complement it flawlessly:


  1. Art Gallery at Home

Consisting of more than 2100 artworks from around the world, The Frame adds an aesthetic value to your living room. From Indian folk artists to the masterpieces from the iconic Louvre, choose art that best represents your mood and taste to showcase in your living room. You can create a personal photo album as well and reminisce sweet, old memories with your family and friends by putting it on display on the television.


  1. Experience Real Art with Ani-Reflection Matte Display

The Frame is equipped with anti-reflection technology and a high-quality matte display film that provides a premium matte finish, reducing light interference on your screen by minimizing glare. This feature makes the art displayed on The Frame appear almost real.


  1. Enjoy Breathtaking Picture with 100% Colour Volume

Samsung’s proprietary QLED technology allows you to enjoy a billion shades of colour in 100% volume. The Quantum Dot technology renders a mind-blowing picture clarity by converting light into a vivid colour that stays true for bold details, even as the scene brightens.


The intelligent Quantum HDR comes with a stunning spectrum that brightens whites and deepens blacks, enabling you to see every intricate detail of your favourite movies, shows or live sports at HDR level.


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